I guess the NFL in London Works

Count this is as a bad trend in sports my friends. When I first heard the news that the NFL was planning to bring a game to London, I thought it would be a resounding failure. But man, I couldn’t have been more wrong about my initial reaction. Looks like there are a lot of people overseas anxious to watch Cleo Lemon in cleats:

The NFL regular-season game scheduled for Wembley Stadium is one of the hottest tickets in UK sport after the first 40,000 tickets for the event sold out in 90 minutes.

The league on Wednesday put the first batch of tickets on sale to fans randomly selected from an overwhelming number of registered ticket requests. More than a million requests were received within 72 hours of the NFL’s announcement of the game.

Hot damn, that’s crazy. The D-Rays can’t even attract 9,000 fans in Florida, and London is putting 40,000 asses in NFL chairs. Go figure. This is a bad, bad sign, my friends. Just what we need, one less home game we can attend a year.

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  • Danny Brae

    The fastest selling sporting event was at Wembley the England v Italy U21 international 70,000 tickets sold in 10 minutes. It was not even a full soccer international. The only thing the NFL game will do is cut up the turf. By the way the tickets for the nfl match have been discounted due to lack of demand.

  • Antonio

    The NFL will NEVER be as big as the Premiere League in England! After all the English do know what is really is Football, and what is not Football (NFL I’m pointing at you!). Hell even relatives and friends who are into the NFL know that the game called “soccer” is the real Football, American folks being among those who acknowledge that fact.

    Besides all the commercial breaks American Football games have been known to have may end up dispelling would be fans from the TV sets, just as it did for me as we non American folks HATE IT when commericials interrupt the game. I tried watching the Super Bowl this year but always kept changing the channel as the commercial breaks drove me nuts!

    So if you want to increase your market substantially, CUT DOWN your commercial breaks and place more ads in the stadiums instead and come up with a better name for the game before it will be more acceptable to a much wider non-US audience. Only then will the game be accepted at the ultra mainstream level there.

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