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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett Will Be Cowboys’ Coach Next Year ‘No Matter What’

Fortunately for the Cowboys, the NFC East has been the most inconsistent division in football this season.  If this were any other season Dallas would probably be out of the playoff race, but the Eagles fell on their faces and the Giants have gone week-to-week.  Regardless of how they got there, Jason Garrett has his team one win away from the playoffs in his first full season as head coach of the Cowboys.  According to Jerry Jones, head coach is a title Garrett will keep next season whether his team wins or loses at New York on Sunday.

“That’s just ridiculous,” Jones said during an interview with 105.3 in Dallas when asked if Garrett is on the hot seat. “We’re just getting started with Jason. It’s just not the case at all. Nobody is worried about the coach’s job here. We’ll answer this thing as many ways as you want to answer it with as many circumstances, his job has no bearing and is not a part of this ballgame. Yes, he’s going to be our coach next year period no matter what the score is.”

Ultimately it has been the players on the field who have made mistakes at critical moments and taken plays off, but that responsibility falls on the head coach.  Garrett was also responsible for one of the biggest coaching flubs of all-time earlier in the season.  Two certain FOX analysts don’t believe he is the man for the job in Big D, but apparently Jones disagrees.

Of course, we wouldn’t put it past Jerruh to give Garret the axe if he loses on Sunday anyway.  Every moment the Cowboys coach has to wonder about his job security is a moment spent not preparing for the biggest game of the year.  You wouldn’t doubt Jerry would go back on his word, would you?

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