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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lane Johnson punks Philly media, makes up story about wrestling bears

Lane JohnsonFormer Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft less than 24 hours ago, but he has already given the Philly media a glimpse into the type of guy that he is. Most rookies focus on trying to say and do the right things when they first come into the NFL, but Johnson felt the urge to screw with Jeff McLane of The Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday.

A rumor was floating around that Johnson used to wrestle black bears on his uncle’s ranch, and the big man decided to perpetuate it. Johnson got into detail after confirming to McLane that he used to tangle with Bears in East Texas.

Before things got too crazy and every sports blog in America was talking about Johnson’s incredible training regimen, he came clean.

Talk about making an outstanding first impression. If you remember, this is the same Johnson who was open about the fact that his interview with the Cincinnati Bengals back in February got really, really weird. He sounds like a fun-loving guy, which should make life easier on the media. Or harder, depending on how many more fake stories he has up his sleeve.

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