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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade recruit Peyton Manning to Miami (Video)

Nearly 20 months ago, LeBron James announced on national TV he was “taking his talents to South Beach.” On Wednesday, he made a pitch asking Peyton Manning to do the same.

At one point during the Heat’s win over the Hawks Wednesday, LeBron spread his arms in an apparent “T” shape. He was asked about it after the game, and said it was a nod to Peyton.

“Remember Peyton Manning did that in college?” LeBron told the reporter. “Speaking of Peyton Manning … me in Miami, and yeah. I heard the Dolphins need a quarterback, and Peyton is available.”

He was asked about the pitch by another reporter and made an even stronger argument.

“I gave my pitch, my one and only pitch. We’ll see what happens.”

Though LeBron says the two are not friends, he wants Peyton in Miami.

“I’m a Miami Heat player, and I want Miami sports to be great: The U, the Dolphins, the Marlins, the Heat, of course.

“Peyton Manning is a great player,” LeBron continued. “No matter what happened this past year, his resume speaks for itself and it would be great to have him down here.”

LeBron was the second Heat all-star to recruit Manning to Miami Wednesday. Earlier in the day, Dwyane Wade tweeted something similar.

“I’m just gonna put it out thr [sic]..peyton that number 18 wld look gr8 in a dolphins uniform..steve ross let’s go.. marlins & heat style..All in.”

The Dolphins reportedly feel confident that they’ll be able to land Peyton Manning, but the question is if he’ll be interested in them. My guess is we won’t find out for at least a few weeks. And if anything could take the attention in Miami away from the Heat, this would be it.

Picture via Dolphin Daily

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