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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Michael Vick May Mentor Vince Young

Go ahead, admit it. You know the thought of Vince Young learning from sage veteran Michael Vick is a bit of a trip, right? There are multiple reports saying Young as agreed to join the Eagles as soon as he’s able to sign a free agent contract. That’s right, instead of electing to compete for a starting job elsewhere (Miami anyone?), VY is possibly doing the smart thing and going to a strong franchise to learn the ropes. He’ll be looking up to Michael Vick as a role model. You know that’s just too funny.

Pro Football Talk even points out that Vick is looking forward to mentoring Young. He said at practice Friday “Looking forward to working with [Vince]. We’ll spend a lot of time getting to know one another. It’s cool – I look forward to having him in here, look forward to makig him a better player.”

Where are we at as a society when you have Vince Young looking towards Michael Vick for advice? Vince is the same guy who got kicked out of the Titans locker room during a game and the same guy who reportedly wanted out of a playoff game. Vick meanwhile is the same guy who went to prison for running a dog fighting ring, didn’t work hard in Atlanta, and who flipped off his home fans after a game.

If you thought about this pairing one or two years ago, you’d be laughing. But it shows you how much each man has changed that we’re at this point. Vick has turned himself around and improved as a player. He can be a good mentor for Vince. And just by choosing to go to Philadelphia, Young has shown maturity. Rather than compete for a starting job on a team that isn’t very good, he’s content to go learn behind a better quarterback on a playoff-caliber team. Both men have apparently changed, and we applaud them for it.

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