New Denver Broncos Coach John Fox Has Been a Tim Tebow Fan Since the Draft

New Broncos football operations director John Elway announced Thursday afternoon that John Fox would be the team’s new head coach, replacing Josh McDaniels and Eric Studesville. Though I joked about the hiring on twitter (follow LBSports for news and analysis), I think it was a good decision by Denver. Aside from this year’s 2-14 disaster, the Panthers were always competitive under Fox and generally had a strong defense. He led Carolina to three 11 or more win seasons (all three resulted in playoff berths), and one Super Bowl. He’s a good, reliable coach, and he should make the Broncos more competitive.

But as we knew from John Elway’s introductory press conference last week, the new Broncos coach had to be a believer in Tim Tebow. That sentiment holds true with Fox. If you can recall Florida’s Pro Day in March, Fox was in attendance and had praise for Tebow’s ability and work ethic. Speaking about Tim, Fox said “He had a very, very good workout. He doesn’t lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he’ll do. I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well.”

At a media event a few weeks later, Fox had even more praise for Tebow.

In addition to comparing Tim’s unorthodox throwing motion to Bernie Kosar, Fox explained that he believes in intangibles for a quarterback, and that Tebow has them. “I think he’s different in a good way. He has a lot of respect among his peers. They won a lot of games at Florida. He kind of had a similar background in high school, where he took a team to a state championship. In Florida, that’s a pretty big deal. You look at those things and he’s shown the ability to lead men, albeit young men, but they’re still men. In fact, that might be harder.”

Fox may actually be the perfect fit for Denver. With his defensive background, he can turn that side of the ball around quickly, and he’ll leave the offense up to the savior. Who he hires as the team’s offensive coordinator will be an interesting question.

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  • http://twitter.com/Sports_Glory Sports-Glory.com

    Lets see if Fox can get a Orange Crush defense and win a Super Bowl with Tebow.

  • Anonymous

    Tebow is a winner! He will take the Broncos all the way someday and the world will see what the Tebow world is all about.

  • Anonymous

    Hope they get back to those very athletic offensive linemen the Broncos successfully had year end and year out. Get another Terrell Davis, three great receivers, with a bone crushing defense, yea the Broncos could it!

  • http://twitter.com/mikeinchicago10 Mike Cai

    Tim Tebow won so much on and off the football field, which cannot be taken away from his resume. He still has the desire to win more and more, not only for himself, but for everybody around him, maybe everybody in the football world, or even more. He has the big heart and he will keep his promise: deliver the best result as the best of his ability. Whether or not he is winning a super bowl depends on many factors, but he won two NCAA champions with Florida Gators and he should not have any doubt that he would take the heart of champion to the next level and do similiar things again. Let’s support Tebow’s legacy and wish him the best in the future.

  • http://twitter.com/DillNumber2 Tyler Dill

    HAHAHA Tebow is going to be a bust as a starter. all throughout his college years he has been getting worse. On Senior Bowl game he had the worst night of his life and he said he has been getting better. He is going to be a 2nd string forever unless the 49ers pick him up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5M72TDBFJQ3R3DLM3V2J6VKIMU Maritza

    Tim Tebow will show all the doubters that they were wrong on his ability to play in the NFL, just look back, all of the ESPN so called “experts” predicted Jimmy Claussen was the #2 QB from this past year’s draft, what a bunch of IDIOTS, Tebow out played Claussen, McCoy and even Sam Bradford.