Now the Patriots are Headset Sabotagers, Too?

Goodness gracious, does it get any worse than this? Just how dirty are the Patriots? Or is everyone just eager to jump on their case because they’re jealous of all the success and glory they’ve received? Who knows what the motives are at this point. All I know is that these reports portray the Pats in the most sinister of lights. From Nurse Dr. Z of SI, via Michael David Smith at FanHouse:

“At one point we had a good drive going against the Patriots,” said one Lion who doesn’t want his name involved in this mess, but was willing to talk about it. “Mike Martz really had ‘em going. They were getting fouled up, lining up wrong, we were moving the ball. Then boom, the headset from the sidelines to the coaches’ booth goes out.

“Next possession we were moving the ball again and the same thing happened. You know it only takes two or three plays to mess up a drive.”

Matt Millen, the Lions’ GM, was talking to Bengals’ coach Marvin Lewis at the league meetings. He started telling him the story.

“Yeah, I know,” Lewis said. “Headset went out. It happened to me in Foxboro, too.”

Tell me those reports don’t reek of slime and corruption. Maybe that’s why the “Patriots always seem to win, regardless of who they lose to injury or free agency.” Maybe those are the Patriot intangibles — the “something about that organization” that they’re always winning. Honestly, football’s a much different game when you know exactly what’s coming because you stole signals. But to cut out opposing team’s headsets? That’s just downright wrong. I’m starting to lose respect for the Patriots by the minute. I’d like to hear some explanations coming from their end of things.

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  • Bareket

    If you’re not cheating then…well, you know the rest. Are you telling me you wouldn’t want your football team (wait, LA doesn’t have the NFL) to do what the Pats did to win a Super Bowl…or 3?

  • SpinMax

    It’s one thing to cheat, it’s another to sabotage the opposition. This is more along the lines of Tanya Harding. Maybe Jeff Gordon could pay someone to sabotage the brakes on Earnhardt’s car. Perhaps the NY Rangers will have someone pull the plug on the replay booth the next time one of their goals is in question.

    The bad guys always did this stuff against the Duke boys…but at least the good guys still won.

  • kennie

    As a fan, I understand that underhand dealings occur in all sports. Yet, it’s more disturbing to know exactly what’s going on than being in the dark. Ignorance is a blessing when it comes to these issues, because, now when you watch the Pats, how can you not think something illegal or unfair is taking place? Or any team for that matter? The worse thing is that it taints the sport and makes the game less about the actual contest occuring between the sidelines.

  • http://pointguardu.com nick

    Before i comment let me start by saying that i dont condone what The Hoodies has/is/was doing…


    If you aint cheating you aint trying

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    There’s a big difference between trying to gain a competitive edge through hard work and gaining an advantage by clearly cheating. This team seems dirty to me.

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