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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rex Ryan Hosts Weekly Ice Cream Socials with Jets Offense

The Jets’ defense has not been up to par this season for a Rex Ryan defense, but their biggest issue has been offensive inconsistency.  This was supposed to be the year when Mark Sanchez became an above-average NFL starter, but that hasn’t happened.  Maybe he has been spending too much time with Kate Upton to focus — for which we would never blame him — but something has to be done if the Jets want to recreate their success from the previous two seasons.  That’s why Ryan decided to start hosting weekly ice cream socials with some of his offensive players.

“We go in there and throw around ideas,” tight end Dustin Keller told the NY Daily News, noting that his favorite flavor is cookie dough. “We talk about how we feel about the plan, what are our expectations… a lot of different stuff like that. It’s low key. We chill. We talk about other stuff. Occasionally, we’ll have Coach (Tom) Moore in there and he’ll give us some old stories that are always entertaining.”

If this idea doesn’t have Rex Ryan written all over it then nothing does.  Perhaps the best part about the Daily News’ writeup is listening to Rex pretend that the meetings are all about fixing the offense, and not talking about how important the ice cream is.

“We’ll talk some football and we’ll just hang out,” Ryan said. “I don’t spend a whole lot of time on offense, as much as I’d like to. It’s just an opportunity for me to visit with some of our offensive guys.”

And eat ice cream.

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