Scott Fujita: Other Than Colt McCoy, Josh Cribbs, and Phil Dawson, Browns Stink

Browns linebacker Scott Fujita sent a tweet after his team’s 30-12 loss in Houston Sunday that complimented some teammates but criticized the rest.

“Colt McCoy is tough as nails, Josh Cribbs is an all-around baller, and Phil Dawson is money in the bank,” Fujita wrote. “Other than that, damn.”

While it’s nice that Fujita recognizes the efforts of a few teammates, it’s the “other than that, damn” part that stands out.

Cleveland is 3-5 and has lost four of its last five games. They have one of the league’s least productive offenses, and they surrendered 261 rushing yards to the Texans Sunday.

Fujita’s right — outside of Cribbs, the team doesn’t have many playmakers. Dawson is money in the bank, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson has played well, and so has Joe Haden. Beyond that, the team is not very good. But maybe that’s not something Scott Fujita should be saying. He’s a guy who held an intervention with Peyton Hillis over the running back’s poor attitude. For someone who’s supposed to be a veteran leader, it’s probably not advisable to say something that will alienate most of your team.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BHZJIO4QQ3DPFRLUAULPNOAB5I Big Daddy

    Well hell, he’s right……..it’s not like we all don’t see it

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2QYI6I536KG26JJQQDHQIUW3SE bcakawrc

    If nothing else, he hit the nail on the head…bc

  • Anonymous

    Im glad someone on this team will step up and say something.And they call themselves pro athletes .wow

  • Anonymous

    I hate being a sports fan in Cleveland. The Browns have been bad for so long that I would be happy if they consistently went 8-8. It’s just more of the same every year… depressing.