Scott Sicko Changes His Mind, Signs with Dallas Cowboys

On Sunday I posted the story of New Hampshire tight end Scott Sicko who went undrafted and decided to quit football despite outstanding offers to sign with several teams as a free agent. We questioned Sicko’s decision at the time because there are several free agents who have played in the NFL and had excellent careers despite being undrafted. Sicko didn’t see it that way but apparently we have helped him change his mind. On Tuesday, Sicko signed a deal with the Dallas Cowboys. According to Peter King’s story from SI, we can thank the Cowboys staff and ourselves for the deal commencing:

“Over the last couple of days I had a few conversations with the Cowboys and I talked to my agent a couple of times,” Sicko said. “They made me feel good about giving football a chance and that it would not ruin my plans for the rest of my life. Basically, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I realize I can probably do both and still accomplish my career goals.”

“I really didn’t read about [the public criticism] very much, but friends of mine told me what was out there,” Sicko said. “I try not to let outside forces influence my life. The Cowboys called and reiterated their interest in me, and their coaches said they were interested in me as a player and person, and that made me feel good. I don’t see this as anything that will be hurtful in my life.”

I’m glad Sicko had a little sense talked into him and realized he’s not as far off from his dream as he thought upon going undrafted. All he needs to do is look at two of his new teammates — Tony Romo and Miles Austin — to see how one can go from undrafted to star in the NFL. We don’t know if Sicko will join that tandem but we do know that he’s pursuing his dream. I’m glad we could provide some assistance with the matter. I’m also surprised the Cowboys weren’t concerned about his character following that episode but obviously they believe in him.

Scott Sicko changes mind, signs with Cowboys [Peter King at SI]
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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    We knew this was coming.

  • whodatguy

    All this guy wants to do is play football…………..it’s all he EVER wanted to do………………He needed more than “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime” He needed some security…………….

    He’s a cheap date……………NOT a free one

    Plus, I DARE anyone to check his numbers……………….3 yrs, 160 catches, 2000 tds, 22 TDs………….then check the numbers of ALL the TEs that were drafted. The only one with better numbers was Dennis Pitta.

    And spare me the “he played against nobody” line. Check out Draft pick #125- Played nobody, in a crappy league, 6’2″, 252lbs, 4.69-40. Sicko’s team BEAT the national champs(Sicko had 3 catches, 135 yds, and a TD) They also beat Ball State(Albeit a weak FBS) 6’4″, 251lbs, 4.53-40.

    and why didn’t Sicko get picked?????????????

    He didn’t have a “sponsor”

    Not committed?????? YOU need to be committed if you think he doesn’t love the game.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I actually am surprised that he changed his mind. I’m probably more surprised that Dallas isn’t worried about his character after changing his mind. That might make me think twice about his desire.

  • whodatguy


    Dallas isn’t worried about his character because, unlike all the “geniuses” who want to hang him, they have spoken to him, and they have addressed HIS concerns. They know that they’ll get 150% from the kid, because he’s a classic overachiever.

    Let’s put him on the field and see what happens, shall we????????????????

    Talk is cheap…………………………. Let his GAME speak for him