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Thursday, April 19, 2018

SNL Wants Tim Tebow to Host Show?

Saturday Night Live reportedly wants Tim Tebow to host a show after his football season ends, Hollywood Life reports.

“SNL realizes it would be HUGE ratings and they are hoping he will say yes,” a Hollywood Life source says. “Tim just can’t and won’t be able to do it while the season is still in play.”

SNL aired a controversial sketch last weekend involving Tebow (watch it here). The sketch mocked Tebow’s Broncos and said Jesus had to constantly bail them out at the end of games. Unsurprisingly, the show was criticized by the Christian Right movement.

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We know that Tebow is a good sport with a friendly personality, so he probably would be willing to host the program. Just don’t expect him to do anything during the season — teammate Eric Decker says it’s nearly impossible to get him out.

Tebow would join Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as other star quarterbacks who have hosted the show.

Thanks to The Postgame for sharing the scoop.

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