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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Terrell Suggs Enjoys Sacking Ben Roethlisberger More than Any Other QB

We all know that most NFL players have some sort of chemical imbalance that sets them apart from the rest of us. In order to fly around a field and take a beating from 275-pound men, you have to have a uniquely functioning brain. Guys like Terrell Suggs, who told us on Thursday that nothing gets his piss hot like a Ravens-Steelers game, takes that to an entirely new level.

If these last two days have shown us anything, it’s that Suggs could be the most intense player in the NFL — hands down.  It’s one thing to just talk like a maniac, but if Suggs doesn’t mean every word of what he’s saying then he is a tremendous actor.  Take, for example, the comments he made on Thursday on the NFL Network about owning Ben Roethlisberger’s ass.  We strongly recommend checking out the video here to get the full effect.

“Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t …,” said Suggs, who has sacked Big Ben 10.5 times in his career. “I keep (Roethlisberger’s ass) in a nice little refrigerator. In the basement — in my basement. Check it out from time to time.”

For a while it sounded like Suggs hated Brady more than any quarterback in the NFL, but Thursday’s comments would indicate that’s not the case.  Terrell then talked some more about the Ravens-Steelers rivalry.  After seeing some of his wardrobe selections in the past we didn’t really need further confirmation that he hates Pittsburgh, but he provided it anyway.

“Ravens-Steelers — my rival,” Suggs continued. “I like to think that I exist because they need someone to stop Big Ben. So, yeah, we like Smith and Neo from ‘The Matrix’. Co-exist for each other — Joker and Batman.”

For Baltimore’s sake I hope this guy doesn’t burn himself out before Sunday even gets here.  At this rate Terrell’s piss could get so hot it scalds his bladder.

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