Tim Tebow in response to Boomer Esiason: ‘I wish him nothing but the best’

Boomer Esiason is not a Tim Tebow fan. Tebow has only two full NFL seasons under his belt and is going to be a mere 25 years old at the start of the upcoming season, but Boomer has already called for him to be cut twice. Last season, he said the Broncos should release him after Tebow had a bad game. He went on to lead Denver to the playoffs and reach the divisional round. On Monday, Esiason said the Jets should cut Tebow before the season begins because he has nothing to offer.

How did that make Tebow feel? Just fine. Or, at least, that’s how he’s playing it off.

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mr. Esiason,” Tebow said Monday when asked about the comments according to NFL.com. “I wish him nothing but the best in his announcing. God bless him.”

If he isn’t mad about Esiason saying he deserves to be cut, we have no choice but to assume that this guy literally doesn’t get angry. On a side note, Boomer and NY Daily News writer Manish Mehta got into a Twitter war on Monday over the remarks after Mehta said Tebow is already the best left-handed quarterback in Jets history. As you may know, Boomer was the Jets signal-caller for three seasons in the 90s.

We’ll just play it safe and call that one a draw.

Photo credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

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  • killerpizza

    and YOU
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  • senorwho

    When commentators can’t make it with insight and effective analysis, they revert to controversy.
    Shame on you, Boomer!

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    One thing for sure, when Tebow runs with the football, he don’t look for a place to lay down like a lot of these over paid, qbs and wrs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mortgagemagic1 David Gold

    please let boomer, or as he is known by who knows him best, UNDERACHIEVER, do what he does best, which is sleep, and get knocked out at local bars.  leave the NFL commentary , who have at least multiple brain cells  .  moms dont let your kids bleach their hair with peroxide.  just use this as an example