Tim Tebow heckled by Jets fans at training camp

It didn’t take long for Tim Tebow to feel the wrath of cynical Jets fans. The Jets opened practice to the public for the first time in training camp on Saturday. And after a handful of snaps in offensive team drills, it became clear Tebow and his arm aren’t winning anybody over. Here’s The Star-Ledger, via Pro Football Talk:

Later, during the 11-on-11 team period, Tebow received a few more jeers. On one play when he held onto the ball for too long, a couple fans called for him to “Throw it, Tebow!” Later, on a shaky incompletion, they called out, “Tebow, come on!” and “That’s a Tebow ball!”

What kind of ludicrous expectations did these fans have? We’re not even a week into training camp, so I don’t know what they were thought they were going to see, especially because Tebow is hardly known for his passing acumen. Plus, Tebow’s going to be on special teams anyway (maybe). Is Tebow that much fun to hate, even for Jets fans?

Anyway, we all know the mood will change when Mark Sanchez stinks it up during the season. And then those fans once heckling Tebow will end up preferring him. That’s sports.

Photo: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

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  • anonCamb

    Tebow sucks at practice so he takes his shirt off. Then NYers, who are cynical, and have seen every trick in the book, rightly, heckle Tebow. Then his bizarre fans, most of whom dont even care about football, come to his defense.

    I have never seen an athlete exploit his religion and his looks quite as expertly like Tim Tebow. The fans buy it hook line and sinker. I’ve never rooted for Sanchez, but I may start rooting for him now to push this kid into another city.

    NYers, aren’t buying this act. But we are pretty amused by it.

  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    Fans are wolfing down what ESPN serves them and going back for more.  They’re obsessed with  football so much, it doesn’t matter that the Tebow topic means little, if anything.  

  • Dan Taylor

    If you really think this is an act – after all this time – then you are the amusing one. Tebow isn’t exploiting anything. He’s taking advantage of the stage he’s on and he’s sharing his beliefs. This isn’t an act, it’s who he is. He’s just a genuinely good human being.

    Please don’t speak for NYers. You make them sound like cynical jackasses.

  • deacon007

    A fan yelling “Throw it, Tebow” is considered heckling? Good god, just another lame ass story the NY media puts out.