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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Tim Tebow will only have to speak to the media once a week

Tim-Tebow-PatriotsThe NFL has certain rules in place regarding when players and coaches have to speak to the media. Otherwise, people like Bill Belichick would just never do it — ever. Media obligations basically allow the type of buzz that Tim Tebow creates to rage on, unless of course the team designates him as one of its “stars.”

As the NY Post pointed out on Wednesday (via Deadspin), all NFL teams are allowed to label two players as “stars” who are only obligated to speak to the media once a week. New England is the only team in the league who has decided to use that stipulation for a player who is currently competing for a backup quarterback role. The other, naturally, is Tom Brady.

In addition to Belichick doing his best to ignore questions about Tebow and provide the media with no updates on the Patriots’ newest addition, reporters will also have limited access to Tebow. When the Patriots announced the signing of Tebow on Tuesday, he spoked to the media very briefly and fielded no questions. We can fully expect that theme to continue once a week as long as Tebow remains on New England’s roster.

As we said before, it appears Belichick is going to win this battle. Without comments or updates from the coach or player, there is going to be very little to report over the next couple of months.

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