Video: Rex Ryan Cusses at Fan Who Says Bill Belichick Is Better

Whenever players or coaches tell you they don’t hear things fans say, don’t believe them. Some may try to tune it out — and some may be better at that than others — but they all hear it. Why do you think someone like Milton Bradley resorted to wearing earplugs? The difference is most athletes or coaches don’t respond to fans, and they ignore what they hear. It may bother them, but most don’t react. Except for Rex Ryan.

The Jets coach once cursed out Dolphins fans at a Strikeforce MMA event in Miami. Any surprised he reacted to a taunt from a Patriots fan by dropping an f-bomb? Not here. Watch this video of Rex Ryan cussing out a Patriots fan (language NSFW):

Rex Ryan has said in the past that Bill Belichick is the best coach in the NFL, so unless he was lying, he shouldn’t have complained. Then again, you have to consider the environment. The Jets were losing a division game at home and Rex was pissed. He was in no mood for nonsense, which is understandable.

Helmet knock to Busted Coverage for the video

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    In regards to penalizing Eric Decker for saluting the military, in my opinion the NFL has their priorities in the wrong place. There WOULD be no sports if we didnt have our American freedoms from our military protecting our country! My father was in the Air Force & my son just spent 3 years in Iraq. I sing praises to our military!

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