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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hunter Mahan Stops Mid-Shot, Blasts Fan for Making Noise (Video)

If there’s one thing I learned from attending my first PGA golf tournament over the summer, it’s that the players don’t like to be distracted. By distracted I mean they don’t want to hear people talking, see people moving, or hear you take a sip from your beer when they are about to take a shot. Somehow Albert Pujols can smash three home runs in a World Series game on balls that are coming at him at a rate of 80-95MPH and could curve, go straight, or sink. Guys like Albert can do that with 50,000 screaming fans watching, but a golfer cannot hit a ball that is resting in front of him or her unless there is total silence and serenity.

That’s just the nature of the sport, and the golfers and their caddies take it very seriously.  Hunter Mahan gave us an example of that on Friday at the Presidents Cup when he stopped in the middle of a shot to roast a fan who was making noise.  Check out this video that Devil Ball Golf shared with us:

Where was Hunter’s hot girlfriend when he needed her after a rough day on the course?  Here’s hoping they found the culprit and threw him in jail.  Making noise during a golf tournament — what a criminal.

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