Rory McIlroy’s Dad Can Make Over $300,000 if Rory Wins British Open by 2014

Rory McIlroy gave his father, Gerry McIlroy, possibly the best Father’s Day gift: his first major win on Sunday. Now he has the chance to give his father possibly an even better present. Gerry McIlroy stands to pocket 200,000 pounds if Rory wins the British Open by 2014. Follow me on the this one.

When Rory was 15 years old, his father combined with three friends to bet 400 pounds (100 each) that Rory would win the Claret Jug by the age of 25. They received 500:1 odds, so the payoff is 200,000 pounds.

McIlroy is 22 years old and coming off a record-setting performance at the U.S. Open. Before that, he led the Master’s by four strokes entering the final round of play until he blew the tournament. He also was the leader after the first round of the British last year. McIlroy is proving he’s the top golfer in the world, so you have to like their chances of cashing.

We’ve seen someone hit on an even more improbable bet, but this would have to be infinitely more satisfying if it does come true. If you think about it, what’s 100 pounds when your son is that good? Cashing that ticket will be sweet.

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  • Tom Donnelly

    So, Larry, if 4 people combined to win 200,000 pounds, wouldn’t you, like, divide the payoff by 4 to determine how much each of the 4 would receive? Or were the other 3 just very generous and promised the winnings to Rory’s dad? Or do you mean that Rory’s dad would collect the entire amount and put it in his pocket before dividing it up among the original betting group?  Which is it Larry? Are you (and your editors) simply bad at basic math or do y’all just think I am?

  • Anonymous

    Given his son’s success,the money if won will not be that important.His father is  down to earth and not wealthy but I’m sure his son will make sure the family is well taken care of in the future.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V4NW2PYHOWGXOJPVVCXITOHFUQ John

    wow Tom…bad day at the office???