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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Thomas Levet Breaks Shin Celebrating French Open Win (Video)

Golfer Thomas Levet won his sixth European Tour event Sunday when he became the second Frenchman to win the French Open. He decided to celebrate in the most logical way possible — by jumping into the water after the 18th hole. Hey honey, look at me, I’m hang-gliding. Take a good picture!

What an idiot! They totally jumped about 10 feet in on a water hazard that only appeared to be a few feet deep. Where was the caddy on that one? I thought they’re supposed to have the course all measured up and be recommending proper advice? And how about the dude being unable to pull himself out of the pond like he were in a wading pool? Pretty sad, huh?

No surprise, Levet is out of the Scottish Open after breaking his shin. What is a surprise is that he’s not the first athlete to be injured while celebrating. Check out the full list of athletes hurt while celebrating and try not to shake your head too many times.

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