Canucks’ Rick Rypien Attacks a Minnesota Wild Fan (Video)

For years, I’ve been trying to convince my friends that the movie Slap Shot is not that far-fetched.  Goons like that exist in real life, don’t they?  Players go after fans, right?  I’ll admit it’s pretty rare, but clearly it happens from time to time.  After he was given a double minor for roughing and a 10-minute game misconduct during Tuesday night’s game against the Minnesota Wild, Vancouver’s Rick Rypien proceeded to the dressing room.  Along the way, a fan was clapping and Rypien didn’t appreciate it, so he decided to shove the fan.  Check out the video of Rick Rypien trying to fight a fan:

Guy’s clearly a goon in every sense of the word.  First, he shoves the ref.  Then he tries to get into it with a fan because the fan’s clapping at him.  It was obviously a heckler’s clap, but that stuff happens all the time.  I’m sure Rypien will come up with some sort of story about how the fan insulted his wife or something when he has a hearing with the NHL, but it’d be a shocker if he wasn’t suspended.

Video Credit: YouTube user mokyboy11

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  • http://www.thebrianspeer.com Brian Speer

    I hope the NHL does something like suspend him. This is ridiculous. You would think by the time the players are in the pros that should be used to this. There are always hecklers, and as a player have to ignore it and have thick skin. This is absolutely ridiculous. No player should have a temper.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest travesty here is that they don’t have any tunnel glass to divide them. I guess the NHL doesn’t require it, which is shocking. After the 1st games ever at our arena, we had no choice but to put it up. You gotta have the fans sep from the players.