Chicago Blackhawks: Don’t Rest Easy Yet

On Friday night, the Chicago Blackhawks finally came home after an extended road trip from Vancouver to San Jose.  The San Jose Sharks were looking to win their first game of the series and avoid going down 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals. Well that’s exactly what happened.

The Sharks tied the game with about four minutes left in the third period and both teams failed to score before the clock wound down. It was time for some overtime hockey and at 12:24 in OT, Dustin Byfuglien scored his seventh playoff goal to win it for the Hawks. It was a good feeling to know that the Blackhawks could win a game at home.

Now, I didn’t see any looting Friday night like the fans of Montreal do after a win, but I did hear a lot of “We’ve got the Cup” talk.  No, we don’t. If the 2010 NHL playoffs have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Who would have expected the Washington Capitals to be knocked out in the first round? Who would have expected it to be by the eighth seeded Montreal Canadiens? Who would expect those same Canadiens to knock out the defending Stanley Cup champs — the Pittsburgh Penguins? And who would expect it to be so hard for teams to win on their home ice during the playoffs?

All I can say is that it’s not over yet. The Blackhawks are within reach of their first shot at the Stanley Cup since ’92 and the Sharks are on the brink of being eliminated earlier than expected once again. Still, nothing has been finalized yet. The Boston Bruins have already proven that a 3-0 series lead can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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  • JS

    None of those three games have been blowouts and I hope the Hawks realize they are a couple of Antti Niemi miracles from being down 1-2.

    Do home teams come out and just feel the rush of screaming fans will carry them to victory while forgetting to do the things they do on the road to win, and teams can call only one timeout? Are refs not as influenced by a home crowd as they are in the NBA because calling the game is so much different?

  • http://blackhawks brad

    will you go 2 the stanley and give up? the hawks did…. 1 shot away; yes 1 shot and u get into Pee-Wee hockey; R-U 2 tierd? What the hell is wrong with these guys? Its the Stanley Cup UDopes ; WAKE-UP HELLO————–GET YOUR ASS in gear

  • http://blackhawks brad

    R-U awake now its in OT if U lose U had it comimg Grow-UP