Roberto Luongo Takes a Shot at Tim Thomas (Video)

Really? This guy’s serious right? I mean he kept a serious face on, so he’s either a great actor or Roberto Luongo really did take a shot at Tim Thomas after Game 5 and meant it. The Bruins lost Game 5 in Vancouver by a score of 1-0, and the only goal in the game certainly could have been stopped by Thomas. However, I’m not sure a goalie who let up 12 goals in two games is in any position to be critiquing the performance of his counterpart.  The Bruins will have to win a game in Vancouver if they want to win the Stanley Cup, but the Canucks would probably be wise to refrain from providing Boston with bulletin board material along the way.  H/T to Barstool for the video.

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  • Anonymous

    the taunting and talk has been silly for a finals

  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    whats the big deal. Yes Lu lets in some bad goals but breaking down Thomas play on his strengths and weakness he is bang on. 

  • Drew Muscatell

    Funny, because that same net-minder who gave up 12 goals in two games has shutout Boston in two as well. The media was giving him crap about playing too conservative and deep in his net, but on the particular play Bobby Lu is talking about that would’ve been the correct way to play it. I think it was more of a shot at the media who was critiquing him then it was a shot at Thomas.

    Question for you though: how do you feel about two of the most hated Canucks scoring the game winning goals in these finals? Also, didn’t get a report on Thomas’ terrible slash on Burrows in game 4