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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Video: Aaron Rome Hit on Nathan Horton Results in Hospital Trip

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Aaron Rome laid a vicious hit on Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton Monday night that knocked Horton out cold. Rome blindsided Horton with a hit to the head — the exact sort of hit the NHL is trying to eliminate — and Horton ended up immobilized and taken to a hospital. Here’s a video of the Aaron Rome hit:

The series has been extraordinarily physical and the hatred between the teams has been evident, but there is no need for blindside head shots. Nathan Horton has been a valuable scorer for the Bruins, and missing him for any length of time will hurt the team. A suspension is in order for Rome, but sadly that won’t even be a fair punishment if Horton has to miss games. What’s worse is that Vancouver’s coach won’t acknowledge this was an obvious head shot. That insults all of us, even as biased as he may be.

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