Chris Berman Calls Cardinals Closer ‘Fernando Tossed Salas’ (Video)

I know there are plenty of people who are annoyed by Chris Berman, but personally I think he can be hilarious sometimes.  His quirky little nicknames are usually such a stretch that you can’t help but laugh at how dumb they are.  You also had to appreciate when he was brought back the stache.  Then, there are times when Berman makes a funny that even he can’t fully appreciate.

Here in the 21st century, you have to be careful about throwing the term “Tossed Salad” around.  Unless you’re actually tossing a salad (the garden variety) or referring to an act at the dinner table, it’s probably a good idea to keep that phrase on the backburner — even if there’s a closer on the Cardinals named Fernando Salas.  Berman will realize that on Wednesday if he’s into reading sports blogs.  Check out the Chris Berman “tossed salad” video, courtesy of The Big Lead:

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  • Anonymous

    Grammer check your work big dog. No excuse for having misspellings in the title and first sentence.

  • Anonymous

    I assume you’re talking about the “whoa re” in the first sentence which I just fixed, so thanks. But the title isn’t supposed to say “Salad”, big dog, so that’s not a misspelling.  He called him Fernando Tossed Salas, as in “Salas” the guy’s last name.