Jeff Van Gundy Broadcasting Brother Stan Van Gundy’s Finals, Hmm …

While ABC/ESPN doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue, Jeff Van Gundy wasted no time admitting his bias when it comes to the Magic/Lakers NBA Finals. With his brother Stan Van Gundy coaching Orlando, Jeff admitted he’ll be rooting for the Magic:

“I’m going to try to be as objective as possible, but I want my brother’s team to win; there’s no question about that.”

When Stan Van Gundy’s Magic took a 2-1 series lead over the Cavaliers, his younger brother discussed the looming potential conflict with his coordinating producer, Tim Corrigan.

“I said, ‘Hey, listen, if you guys don’t think it’s best for me to call the Finals, I’m fine with that, and I understand,’’’ he said. “I don’t want to compromise anything. They said they wanted me to do it.’’

Hmm, why is it not a surprise that ABC and ESPN, the guys who never see a foul that isn’t a “good no-call,” unafraid to put together a partisan product? I understand they deem Jeff to be part of their “top team” and that it’s difficult to just stick new partners together, but you have to make a change when this sort of thing arises. Not to say that Jeff will be openly cheerleading on-air, but when it comes to a national telecast that’s supposed to be called evenly, there’s no room for bias. Laker fans can listen to Mychal Thompson if they want homerism, Magic fans can do the same with Dennis Neumann. When it comes to a national telecast, things should be objective and unbiased. That’s pretty hard to accomplish when one announcer has already let it be known that he favors one team over another.

(via Awful Announcing)

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  • JS

    Stan Van Gundy could not possibly show more bias than did Tom Heinsohn when doing commentary for CBS in the ’80’s when the Lakers and Celtics met in the finals.

  • Gene

    I am surprised but not shocked that ABC would still want Jeff to do the series.

    I am pleased that at least Jeff came out and admitted that he is biased toward his brother’s team. A lot of people would claim that they could still be objective when in fact they would not and could not. At least Jeff gave ABC a chance to pick someone else, so if he comes across as somewhat biased, we know where to place the blame.

  • Jeff J

    I agree with Gene, Jeff was the standup guy for being honest and offering to bow out. There is no one to blame other than ABC if the announcing is one sided. I’m just glad I don’t have to hear Bill Walton these finals (hey didn’t Walton announce when Luke Walton’s Lakers were in the Finals?)

    Regarding Jeff Van Gundy, I have say, the way he has been calling the playoff’s he’s been pretty unbiased in his commentary. I like the fact that he calls out the ref’s for blowing the whistle way too much, and he’s always been very fair to both teams on the court.

  • http://www.pointguardu.com/cats NICK

    Van Gundy said on ESPN that he thought the Lakers where gonna win the series. i am not really sure how they could let this fly.