Reporter Julie Tristan repeatedly hits on David Freese during extremely uncomfortable fluff piece (Video)

Reporter Julie Tristan is becoming known this across the country, and it’s not for a good reason. The host of KSDK’s “Show Me St. Louis!” did a feature last week on Cardinals third baseman David Freese riding the new Mr. Freeze ride at Six Flags St. Louis. For some reason, Tristan took the opportunity to shamelessly hit on the the ballplayer repeatedly.

Some of her choice lines included:

“We’re going to hit on you, heavily.”

“I think what everyone wants to know is … do you have a girlfriend???”

“Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?”

“Last question: Do you think we’re pretty?”

“Isn’t he just the cutest? We look perfect together!”

Tristan of course capped it all off by saying of Freese, “I love you.”

Videos of women asking out professional athletes are cute when they involve a service person and a choreographed invite to a military ball, not an actual TV reporter. A word of advice for Tristan after that pathetic display: Express your crushes on your personal time, not when you’re supposed to be a professional on camera. That was disgusting.

Big thank you to Deadspin for sharing the video.

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you took this so seriously.  This is her on-air personality.  This was a JOKE.  I don’t like these puff pieces either, but this was a performance, & call this video disgusting is just silly.  You really didn’t have anything else to write about?

  • Anonymous

    This type of entertainment piece is not my cup of tea (I’m a real sports fan, after all), however it was a fairly professional, well-done segment.  If you separate out the post-tape voiceover from what was actually said and done on camera, there was very little in the interaction between the “reporter” and Freese that was inappropriate (Friese seems shy and polite by nature and not otherwise uncomfortable here).  The worst thing I can say about this piece is that it appears that an employee for a news-gathering organization was using her journalistic credibility to hype a new product being offered to the public by a private business.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XVPMLGKGP4ZEWCTX4EQSE5JFHE Ryan

    I don’t see the big deal, she did her job. Make sports interesting to stay at home moms during the noon news hour.

    You have to take it for what it is

  • http://letfreedomrain.blogspot.com Jymn Parrett

    Is that the best St. Louis has to offer? And what’s with these comments? Looks like Tristan’s bestest friends have come to her rescue. OMG!

  • Joe Smith

    This article was a waste of my time don’t you think she could have hit on him off air, if the piece was not designed to be silly?  This was a piece about a six flags new ride not a sports stat show, come on Larry find a better use of your time than trying to take shots at some girl doing her job. Well done