Joe Morgan Shows Us How Not to Take the High Road

Look, it’s pretty difficult for anyone to go through getting fired from their job much less having to talk about it. I get that. But Joe Morgan’s response to being removed from ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball coverage is, well, exactly why we all wanted him gone.

SbB Live shared with us Morgan’s response to losing his job (via the New York Times): “I was not surprised by ESPN’s decision. They have been taking ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ in a different direction the last two years and I was not comfortable with that direction.”

Just like Joe to make this about him. See, it was his decision, not ESPN’s for him not to return. Joe was not comfortable with ESPN’s direction. What direction was that, towards the truth? Towards analysis that makes sense and doesn’t include fibs? Analysis for the enlightened baseball fan? This guy is unreal and his smug attitude makes me even more satisfied we won’t have to put up with him any longer.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s appalling that you would show such obnoxious disrespect to a Hall of Fame inductee and great baseball analyst, whose broadcast work has been stellar for decades. Let’s face it: someone else wants the job, so Joe has to go. Just another step along the way to completely fake sports. Time for a TV time-out, right? By the way, you could be using a better deoderant/driving a better car/refinancing the mortgage on your tool shed. Oh, did someone just hit a double? OK, we’ll get to that, but in the mean time, let’s talk about that new tool shed!! That’s what this broadcast (brought to you by the Acme Corporation) is all about, right. RIGHT?!!!!