T.O. Flips Out on Twitter Over Kirk Herbstreit Gameday Comments

Terrell Owens is the sensitive type, but that’s nothing new. He and his partner in crime often appear to be more concerned with public attention than winning games, though we know that’s not the case.

One of Terrell Owens’ weaknesses is being too caught up with what people think of him. If T.O. were smart, he’d ignore criticism but unfortunately it engulfs him far too often. Take what happened Saturday morning for example.

ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit apparently criticized the Bengals offense on College GameDay. Based on a tweet from Mike Tauber, Herbstreit “said he couldn’t believe he thought [Chad Ochocinco] and TO on the same side of the ball would be dynamic, he said awful.”

The result was a twitter tirade by T.O., as we found out from The Big Lead.

T.O. used the tired argument that Herbstreit doesn’t have the credentials to criticize Owens because he was only a backup quarterback at Ohio State. First of all, I’m sure Herbstreit would have done just fine at UT-Chatanooga, Terrell, but let’s put that aside. As we said regarding Brandon Marshall’s problems with NFL Network, watching a lot of football and knowing and understanding the game qualifies one to be an analyst. Kirk Herbstreit — and anyone who’s seen the Bengals pathetic offense in action — has the right to criticize what they see.

Apparently the truth hurts, huh T.O.? The reality is that Carson Palmer and the offensive line are far more the root of Cincinnati’s offensive struggles than anything else. On that point, I do defend Terrell.

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    Straight up TO let it be known that people who did not play in the league should not be sitting around calling him out. Now I like Herbie as much as the next man, but it seems as if you sit around and waiting to make a big deal about TO. It seems as if you are just like Skip Bayless and everything TO does you want to make it bigger than normal. For every good he does (Give to Alzheimers, and other charities) you do not want to make a comment about. My personal opinion it seems as you want to call him out for everything. I bet you waited for his comment. If Herbie would have done well at UT Chattanooga then so be it. I am sure he would have but because Herbie played at OSU, and he did not have an outstanding career we will never know. Get off of your Anti TO bashing and until he robs a bank, committ domestic violence, or even get caught with drugs, GET OFF HIS BALLS. If the man wants to call out Herbie because he is sitting there calling out his team, and making a big deal about it then hell let the man do it. He did not say anything else about him other than his playing career. But clowns like you want to make a big freaking deal about it.

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