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Monday, June 18, 2018

Does Anyone Not Want James ‘Lights Out’ Toney to Get Banged Out?

If you’re one of the few out there who will be rooting for James “Lights Out” Toney on Saturday when he takes on UFC legend Randy Couture at UFC 118, have a look at this video of James Toney talking smack and maybe you’ll see it my way.  That is, if you can get through it without wanting to punch him in the head:

Is that even English?  I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I hate this guy.  He sounds like a hopeless Saturday Night Live actor trying to do an improv skit with a hot potato in his mouth.  Kimbo Slice will gladly tell you that MMA is not easy.  He was booted by Dana White because he sucked so bad and you better believe the same will happen to Toney if he fails to back up half of the trash he’s been talking leading up to his fight with Couture.  In fact, the UFC president will be openly rooting against him on Saturday:

Anything can happen when two good guys go in there and start throwing punches, scrapping, and fighting,” White said. “Anything can happen, but James Toney has knockout power in both hands, he’s been one of the best and he’s fought the best forever. Randy Couture has great wrestling and if you break down stats, James Toney doesn’t have as many tools as Randy Couture has so Couture should win the fight. James Toney has talked so much smack I want to see him get smashed in this fight.”

Toney had better land a huge shot or two on Couture early or he doesn’t stand a chance.  He’s the definition of a bruiser and if he gets taken down the fight will probably be over.  If Toney kept his mouth shut a little more, he might be looking at a longer leash.  However, that’s not his style.  Dana White is going to be looking for an excuse to give this simpleton the axe, so he better win fights early and often if he’s hoping to make a career out of MMA.

Dana White: ‘I want to see James Toney get smashed in this fight’ [Out of Bounds]
Video Credit: YouTube user fightmagazine

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