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Thursday, April 19, 2018

GSP goes off on Nick Diaz, calls him an ‘uneducated fool’

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There’s a reason Dana White gets so frustrated when Nick Diaz skips his media responsibilities before a fight. On Thursday, we saw exactly why.

Diaz baited Georges St-Pierre several times throughout Thursday’s UFC 158 media conference call, prompting angry responses from the champion while successfully promoting their Mar. 16 fight in Montreal. Diaz commented multiple times about GSP’s alleged privileged lifestyle, leading to several heated exchanges between the two. GSP denied Diaz’s accusations and fired back at his opponent, calling him an “uneducated fool.”

Diaz’s rant seemed to be inspired by GSP’s revelation that he has never tweeted and that he actually has staffers who handle that for him. That seemed to set off Diaz, who dropped several curse words throughout his incoherent rambling.

You can listen to the exchange below. Beware that the language is NSFW:

After Diaz accused GSP of being pampered, a media member asked the champ if he is pampered as Diaz suggested. Diaz then interrupted before GSP had a chance to answer.

“I hope so mother—–. If I had that much money, I’d be f—ing pampering myself the f— up! I’d be having mother—– pampering my s— left and f—ing right. Every hour on the hour showing up to pamper me out, period,” bellowed Diaz.

An angry St-Pierre responded to Diaz.

“Let me tell you something, uneducated fool. Let me tell you something,” St-Pierre addressed Diaz.

GSP then went on to defend his background, saying he started from the bottom and worked very hard to get where he is now.

Diaz was so mentally off throughout the call that he accused GSP of being the one who was talking crap, when in reality it was him firing most of the shots.

“You’re talking s— and you’re out of line bro,” said Diaz at one point.

Despite all the negativity directed toward GSP, Diaz said he was a fan of the champion and that he thinks the Canadian does “a wonderful job.”

For as much as Diaz complains about doing media work, he sure knows how to do it. By grabbing numerous headlines with his rant, Diaz generated significantly more interest in his upcoming fight and made himself and the UFC plenty of money in the process. This is exactly why White gets so upset when Diaz blows off his media obligations.

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