Holly Holm: Gina Carano has earned shot at Ronda Rousey

Gina CaranoGina Carano has not fought for over five years, but she will still get a title shot at Ronda Rousey upon signing with the UFC, company boss Dana White has said.

Many people feel like Carano is undeserving of a title shot because of her long layoff. Miesha Tate, who has lost to Rousey twice, is one of those people. I feel similarly and don’t think Carano should be fighting Rousey without winning one tuneup fight first.

Holly Holm, who recently signed with the UFC to provide more competition in the women’s bantamweight division, shared her thoughts on the matter and seems to be fine with Carano getting the shot at Rousey.

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“Carano has been on the big show before, so she can handle the pressure,” Holm wrote in a chat on ESPN.com. “There are a lot of girls who have been working hard for a shot who might deserve it a little more than someone who has been out that long, but Carano has put a lot of time in before. She’s earned her spot in certain ways. Who am I to say Carano is undeserving of an opportunity? I’ll let the promoter make those decisions.”

That’s a pretty politically correct answer from Holm. She’s a new fighter in the organization and isn’t about to make enemies with White before she’s even had a fight. Even though she’s saying one thing, it seems that she still has some reservations, as she should. How can anyone expect Carano to hang with Rousey after over a five-year absence? Washington Wizards Michael Jordan thinks that will be a challenge.

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    She’s right Gina is the original basically paving the way when NO women were in the sport. Gina is a class act as well. But at the end of the day Holly will be raising the belt as Duke City’s finest chant Holly Holly Holly!

  • Joecon

    Carano does not deserve a shot after a 5 year layoff. Anyone that pays money to see this fight is a fool. Carano will not last ONE round with Rousey. Rousey will destroy her!

  • James Louis

    Dana wanted the winner of the Carano/Cyborg fight but Cyborg whipped Gina’s ass then Cyborg managers turned Dana down. Then Dana went with his 3rd choice 154lbs bronze medalist (3rd place) judoka Rhonda. So Rhonda is not the trailblazer of mainstream WMMA like the Mass media is trying to brainwash the public with.

  • Wesley

    Too bad Cyborg got caught for all of the performance enhancing drugs she was on. Without that extra juice, would Carano have stood a chance? We’ll never know…

  • TexizzBoy

    No she hasn’t!

  • James Louis

    She did not get bust for the Carano fight. They both tested good before and after. read this:One of its biggest stars, women’s champion Cristiane (Cyborg) Santos, has been suspended one year and fined $2,500 after a failed drug test following her win over Hiroko Yamanaka on Dec. 17, according to reports.
    Don’t listen to none of these non- fighting punk ass clowns on this forum they mostly are(FAN)ATICS that are brain washed by the mass media and ignorant about martial arts period.