Liz Carmouche has bite marks on her arm from Ronda Rousey (Picture)

Liz Carmouche lost to Ronda Rousey at UFC 157 in Anaheim Saturday and has the battle scars to prove it.

At the postfight press conference, Carmouche showed off bite marks that Rousey left on her forearm during their fight.

Liz Carmouche bite marks

Carmouche was a heavy underdog entering the fight, but she gave Rousey the toughest test the champion has ever had in her MMA career. Not only did she last longer than anyone had before (she didn’t tap until 11 seconds were left in the round), but she also probably came the closest to submitting Rousey than anyone else.

Carmouche jumped onto Rousey’s back and had a neck crank going early in the first round. That led to Carmouche receiving the bite marks on her arm:

Ronda Rousey bite

Rousey eventually got Carmouche off her back and onto the ground. Carmouche made a mistake (in my opinion) by remaining on her back instead of standing up again. Rousey joined her on the ground, rolled for a bit, then got her to eventually submit via armbar.

Carmouche fought an excellent fight and did better against Rousey than anyone else had. Perhaps the most important thing Carmouche showed us is that Rousey is vulnerable. Her performance probably gives confidence to anyone else who may challenge Rousey in the future.

After the fight, Rousey did apologize for the bite, telling Carmouche, “It was not intentional at all, dude,” per FOX Sports’ A.J. Perez.

One person even noticed the bite marks as the fight was going on. Someone on Instagram named Alaskafighting shared this picture:

Liz Carmouche bite marks

Photo: Twitter/@TheDKano; Instagram/AlaskaFighting

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Fema1e Carrie Sammie Downing

    Do you understand MMA at all?  Carmouche had Rousey in a wicked head crank.  There was a lot of pressure over her mouth and her mouth guard became dislodged.  Where is the arm going to go?  Into the mouth.  If you’re putting that much pressure on someones face with your arm, you too would have teeth marks.

  • Laz Laz

    Indeed, Liz and Ronda even spoke about it in the post fight conference that it was because of the sheer pressure of the face crack, NOT because it was any intentional bite.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UJQEJAZF6MBZTQC6Q2JQ6QT2MY Mike L

    It looks like only the top teeth as well.  Had it been an actual bite, you would see an opposing bite mark from the lowers as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rawilsonwriter Richard Wilson

    This is intentionally misleading. “Bite” marks would be two sets of teeth, but “teeth” marks are one set! Plus, you can see that the mouth guard  did not come off @facebook-33800764:disqus , those are bottom teeth marks. I just hate these people who write garbage, then I click on it, waste my time on a non-story, and end up pissed off that some idiot gets paid for it, and it is complete libel. Oh well I guess..