Clint Dempsey thinks nose is broken, was coughing up blood

Clint Dempsey broken nose

Clint Dempsey in all likelihood suffered a broken nose against Ghana in Group G play of the World Cup on Monday.

Dempsey scored in the first minute to give the US a 1-0 lead over Ghana in the 2-1 victory. A little over 30 minutes later, he was kicked in the face and began bleeding. Despite his bloody nose, Dempsey kept playing in the game.

After the contest closed, Dempsey said he thought it was broken. Washington Post reporter Steven Goff says Dempsey said he was coughing up blood and that he hopes to begin breathing through his nose again in the next few days.

Based on Dempsey’s nose being shaped like a Christmas tree, I’d say his diagnosis is spot on. And credit to LBS’ Steve DelVecchio for calling this one:

Image via Pete Blackburn

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