Greece beats Ivory Coast after controversial stoppage time foul (Video)

The drama thus far in the 2014 World Cup has been nothing shy of incredible, and Tuesday afternoon’s action was no exception. Just when it appeared that Ivory Coast would be advancing to the knockout stage with a draw, a controversial penalty in stoppage time handed Greece a 2-1 win.

Greece forward Giorgos Samaras was lining up to take a shot at around the penalty kick spot in the 91st minute when his kicking leg caught the inside of Ivory Coast defender Giovanni Sio’s leg. That caused Samaras’ foot to get stuck in the turf, and he lost his balance. The officials called a foul on Sio and awarded Greece a penalty kick.


Of course it helped that Samaras sold the call:

Greece penalty kick

Samaras scored on the penalty kick to give Greece the win and send them to the round of 16.

If you thought Team USA’s game against Portugal on Sunday ended in heartbreak, this should give you an entirely different perspective. The US still has a great chance to advance, while Ivory Coast has been sent packing thanks to a brutal call.

GIF via SB Nation

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  • Bill

    FIFA Refs are no better or worse than the rest of the refs in other sports. It’s a shame the athletes work so hard to have things taken away by a horrible call. The diving and selling in soccer is a real problem for that sport. Its against the rules and fundamental principles of the sport and yet it continues to plague the sport.

  • atribecalled

    Well put BIll.