World Cup Refs Screw England Over

The good news is we’re not the only country screwed over by bad calls during the 2010 World Cup. The bad news is someone else had to feel the same pain. At first glance of the England/Germany 4-1 score and you might think that England was completely blown out in the game. On second glance, you realize they had a goal missed by the referees that would have tied the score at 2-2 in the 38th minute and dramatically altered the match. There’s no excuse for the refs to have missed this one. Here’s the video of Frank Lampard’s disallowed goal for England:

I don’t understand how they can miss something so crucial in such a big situation. Under no circumstances is this acceptable but it’s even worse when it’s on soccer’s biggest stage. Man, and if you think it’s bad that Koman Coulibably is a hated figure here, I can’t even imagine how much the referee who missed that call will be destroyed in Britain. Yikes!

Germany blasts England to advance [AP/FOX Sports]
Video Credit: YouTube user gdad63

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  • http://www.devinetoursrome.com/ Charles Collins

    If you think of the number of officials Tennis has to judge line calls, and even “net service” . That’s just to look at a ball (yeah, there’s another official who only looks for foot faults).

    Soccer has three officials following 22 players, who may not even have line-of-site on the goal line.

    And given the politics of the World Cup, over half of the officials have no experience in fully professional leagues. It is a disaster.

  • Gene

    Thus far, every controversy at the World Cup involved goal scoring. First it was the USA (twice), then England, and then Mexico.

    It would seem very easy and prudent to use instant replay around the goal area and have the officials review any close or controversial goals. There are not that many goals that would come under review, so it would not have a major effect on the flow of the game.

  • jacky

    that whay they call this game is “sucker”