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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nate Burleson Has 400-Plus Pairs of Shoes

Nate Burleson has more shoes than a billionaire’s 20-year-old daughter. As we have seen before on shows like MTV Cribs, plenty of athletes and celebrities have shoe collections. Very few are as obsessed as the Lions wide receiver.

According to MLive.com, the four new pairs of shoes Burleson was showing off to his teammates on Thursday have been added to his collection of roughly 400 pairs.  Not since Joe Johnson’s in-home Foot Locker have we seen a professional athlete who is so infatuated with kicks.

“Dress shoes, boots and tennis shoes, I’d probably say about 400,” Burleson said. “That’s the thing I’m passionate about is collecting shoes. Most of them I don’t wear, they’re just collectors items – you know, rare shoes.”

Nate said he became passionate about shoes when he came upon some of father Al Burleson’s when he was a little kid.  Al was also a professional football player, and Nate said he loved being able to go through his father’s old belongings.

“When I got in the NFL, I told myself when my sons get older, I want them to be able to look at a ton of stuff,” he explained. “I have the ability to do that, so that’s why I collect a lot of stuff.”

Pogs and stamps would also qualify as “stuff” for his kids to look through, but if shoes are your thing and you have the money why not go for it? Burleson also has a pair of team-themed shoes underneath a framed jersey from each team he has played for.  And yes, he has a favorite: the Michael Jordan XI. I guess anything worth doing is worth doing right.

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