Adrian Gonzalez, Juan Uribe make Yasiel Puig a real-life bobblehead (Video)

For a guy who supposedly infuriates his manager and can rub opponents the wrong way unlike any other, Yasiel Puig sure seems to have a lot of fun with his teammates. Tuesday night was Yasiel Puig bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium. This inspired Juan Uribe and Adrian Gonzalez to turn the real Puig into a bobblehead.

While on their way to a 7-1 victory over the Miami Marlins, Gonzalez and Uribe decided to gang up on Puig, who had two hits and an RBI in the game. The following video proves it wasn’t a random assault — at least from Gonzalez.

Again, Puig and his teammates seem to get along just fine. The guy even had a tickle fight with Hyun-Jin Ryu in the dugout last month. I’m sure Puig’s bat flips — especially the ones that come on fly ball outs — can frustrate Don Mattingly and some of the Dodgers players. That doesn’t mean they have no love for the 23-year-old star.


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Adrian Gonzalez injured his back while sightseeing

Adrian-Gonzalez-backAdrian Gonzlaez may be enjoying his time in Australia a little too much. The Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman left Thursday’s exhibition game against Team Australia with tightness in his back. He thinks the injury stems from walking around Sydney and sightseeing.

“I need to rest, get off my feet,” Gonzalez said, per MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick. “I’ve done a lot of walking around the city. I’ll be good [for Saturday night]. I’m positive I’ll feel better tomorrow.”

The Dodgers open up the MLB regular season with a series against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia this weekend. Gonzalez is confident he will be ready to go by then. He was removed from Thursday’s game in the fourth inning after an at-bat where he appeared uncomfortable and grabbed at his lower back.

“It actually got tighter,” he said. “I swung at a pitch in the second at-bat, and it didn’t feel good. I finished the at-bat because I didn’t want to take myself out of the game in the middle of the at-bat.”

As for the type of sightseeing the All-Star slugger has been doing, the Dodgers gave us an example of that earlier this week.

After seeing that photo, I can’t help but think it was worth it for Gonzo to suffer a minor back injury. The weird injuries are piling up at an unbelievable rate this offseason anyway. At least he got to hang out with a group of guys wearing grape-smugglers.

Adrian Gonzalez autographed poster of him in Mickey Mouse ears riding Dumbo

Adrian Gonzalez Mickey Mouse Dumbo poster

Adrian Gonzalez is having a lot of fun with this whole Mickey Mouse thing.

To refresh your memory, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said after Game 3 of the NLCS that Gonzalez was doing some “Mickey Mouse stuff” on the bases after hitting an RBI double to put the Los Angeles Dodgers up 1-0. Gonzalez denied doing anything, but he made light of the whole thing by flashing Mickey Mouse ears after hitting a home run in Game 5.

Prior to Game 6 of the series in St. Louis, Cardinals fan Marty Prather, who is known as “sign guy”, showed off a poster he made of Gonzalez in Mickey Mouse ears and riding the Disneyland Dumbo flying ride. Gonzalez apparently liked the poster, because he signed it and gave a thumbs up:

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Did Adrian Gonzalez give Mickey Mouse ears after hitting home run?

Adrian Gonzalez Mickey Mouse

Adrian Gonzalez did a gesture with his hands by his ears after hitting a home run in Game 5 of the NCLS on Wednesday, making many people think that he threw up some Mickey Mouse ears.

Gonzalez hit a solo shot off Joe Kelly to put the Los Angeles Dodgers up 3-2 on the St. Louis Cardinals. After circling the bases, he headed back to the dugout and did that gesture with his hands by his ears. Many media members described Gonzalez’s gesture as doing Mickey Mouse ears:

I don’t know what kind of gesture that was, but Mickey Mouse ears would be a reference to Adam Wainwright saying Gonzalez was doing Mickey Mouse stuff in Game 3.

So what do you think? Was Gonzalez doing Mickey Mouse ears? I’m not sure, but I’m guessing Gonzalez will deny it.

Here’s a GIF of what Gonzalez did:

GIF via @ChadMoriyama

Adam Wainwright: Adrian Gonzalez heckled me at third base

Adam WainwrightAdam Wainwright cleared up a misunderstanding regarding his issues with Adrian Gonzalez’s “Mickey Mouse” behavior during Game 3 on Monday night, explaining that he wasn’t annoyed with a celebration, but with Gonzalez heckling him.

LBS and many other outlets incorrectly believed Wainwright was annoyed with the way Gonzalez celebrated his RBI double to put the Los Angeles Dodgers up 1-0 in Game 3. Gonzalez gave a comment after the game indicating he thought Wainwright was upset with his celebration, but Wainwright explained on Tuesday that it was Gonzalez’s behavior at third that got to him.

“He told me to throw the ball to the backstop when he was at third base,” Wainwright explained to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman.

Gonzalez, for his part, denied heckling Wainwright.

“I wasn’t chirping at him,” Gonzalez said via the Los Angeles Times. “(Third base coach Tim Wallach) said, ‘Curve ball in the dirt, make sure you go.’ I said, ‘Curve ball in the dirt, I go.’ ”

So there you go — misunderstanding semi cleared up. And we apologize for creating the belief that Wainwright was upset with Gonzalez’s celebration. Now that the Cardinals are up 3-1 in the series, this issue will seem like an afterthought if St. Louis advances.

Adam Wainwright: Adrian Gonzalez was doing Mickey Mouse stuff

Adam Wainwright may not have noticed some of Yasiel Puig’s antics after the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder hit an RBI triple in the bottom of the fourth inning of Game 3 of the NLCS on Monday, but he did notice Adrian Gonzalez’s hyped reaction to an RBI double.

Gonzalez gave the Dodgers their first run of the series since the third inning of Game 1 by knocking an RBI double in the fourth. Gonzalez celebrated the hit like a guy who just gave his team their first lead in ages, and Wainwright took note. The St. Louis Cardinals pitcher must have been asked about Puig pimping an eventual triple, because he said this after the game.

“I didn’t see Puig’s reaction. I saw Adrian doing some Mickey Mouse stuff at second, but I didn’t see Puig,” Wainwright said, per OC Register reporter Pedro Moura.

I really wouldn’t call what Gonzalez did “Mickey Mouse stuff” because he reacted like most players would after delivering a huge hit in front of the home crowd in the playoffs. Gonzalez also noted that it’s the same celebration he has been doing all season.

“I did what I always do, but we are in L.A., so Mickey Mouse is only an hour away,” he said, per Moura.

That was a big run allowed by Wainwright, so it’s understandable why the ace pitcher would be perturbed. Maybe next time he shouldn’t shake off Yadier Molina two times and then he wouldn’t be in that situation.

Here’s a look at the “Mickey Mouse” gesture Gonzalez does:

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Adrian Gonzalez wants Yasiel Puig to win NL All-Star fan vote

Adrian Gonzalez DodgersThe Los Angeles Dodgers have one player on the NL All-Star team, and they have the possibility of getting a second player added to the squad.

Both first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and outfielder Yasiel Puig are among the five finalists for the final spot. The other finalists in the fan vote are Washington Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond, Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, and San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence.

Whoever determined the NL fan vote finalists didn’t do the Dodgers any favors, because they’re making the team’s fans choose between two of their players. But Gonzalez wants Puig to make it.

“For me, personally, I want Puig to go,” Gonzalez said Sunday, per Dodgers reporter Ken Gurnick. “I’m voting for Puig.

“That’s what the fans want to see,” said Gonzalez, who was wearing a Puig 66 shirt while being interviewed. “It’s from the heart.”

Gonzalez, a four-time All-Star, says he wants Puig to get the experience of playing in an All-Star Game. He admits he wouldn’t throw his support behind Puig if he hadn’t already been to one.

Let’s look at the statistical comparison of the finalists (all stats prior to Sunday’s games).

    - Gonzalez .296/.349/.485, 13 home runs, 8 errors
    – Freeman .307/.384/.466, 9 home runs in 74 games
    – Pence .269/.314/.462, 13 home runs, 13 stolen bases
    – Desmond .284/.326/.506, 15 home runs, 10 stolen bases
    – Puig .407/.435/.683 8 home runs, 4 stolen bases in 31 games

If you are basing the vote on who is most deserving to go, I would choose Desmond. If you’re asking me who I think will win the vote, it’s Pence, because Giants fans are intense when it comes to online votes.