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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Aroldis Chapman

Aroldis Chapman Throws Ball Through the Backstop Behind Home Plate

Chances are the ball happened to hit the screen just right or on a weak spot, but that’s still fun to see.  We have seen Aroldis Chapman blow up radar guns many times before (see this pitch and this pitch), but throwing a ball through the screen is a feat that is rarely accomplished.  This…Read More

Aroldis Chapman Hits 106 mph on Stadium Scoreboard Reading

It was only a week ago that critics were wondering what was wrong with Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman. The flame-throwing southpaw typically hits triple digits with his pitches, but he was only throwing in the low-90s consistently making people think he had magically lost his fastball. After a few days off to rest his arm…Read More

Aroldis Chapman Hits 105MPH Again, This Time in the Big Leagues

This just in: Aroldis Chapman throws hard.  There have been plenty of stories about the Cincinnati Reds’ freak of nature blowing up radar guns and throwing upwards of 100mph.  Back in march, we heard that Chapman regularly hit 102mph on the gun.  Impressive?  Yes, but guys like Joel Zumaya and Daniel Bard have been there…Read More

Aroldis Chapman Hits 105mph on the Gun

I was already blown away when I heard that Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman clocked in at 102mph on the radar gun back in March. The amount of people on the planet who can throw 100mph or greater is scarce, and even still, 102 is going pretty well beyond 100. But 105? I didn’t think that…Read More

Aroldis Chapman Hits 102mph on the Gun

Aroldis Chapman first burst onto the international scene when he showed his stuff at the WBC and Cuban National Series. Although Chapman didn’t dominate in either competition, scouts saw his ridiculous fastball and impressive breaking ball. Like many top Cuban prospects, Chapman defected and then established residence in Europe so that he could cement his…Read More

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