Aroldis Chapman’s hotel room reportedly robbed, woman left tied up

Talk about bizarre news. Pittsburgh police are currently investigating a robbery that took place inside the hotel room of Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, officers were dispatched to Chapman’s Omni William Penn hotel room at 10:12 p.m. Tuesday night while he was still at the ballpark for the Reds-Pirates game. Upon arrival, they discovered a 26-year-old woman tied up and crying.

Hotel security said that two guests alerted them of the woman screaming for help, which is why they called the police. According to the police report, the woman was “the hotel guest of a male who attended the Pirates baseball game and who was not present at the time of the incident.”

The woman said she heard a knock at the door and the person on the other side claimed to be from hotel maintenance and said he needed to fix the toilet. When she let him in, she says he tied her up and took her jewelry, clothing, credit card, ID card, and a computer.

Maybe I’m missing something, but what was the hotel guest of a man who attended the Pirates-Reds game doing in Chapman’s hotel room. If she wasn’t Chapman’s guest, whose guest was she? I suppose that is all part of the investigation.

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Aroldis Chapman Buys Sick Mansion in South Florida (Pictures)

Throw a 104 mile per hour fastball and you too can own a fantabulous mansion like the one just purchased by Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman. Chapman bought this bad boy on September 1st. You want details? Fine. This is a 5 bedroom/5.5 bathroom, 10,548 square-foot mansion in Davie, Florida. It was initially listed for $2.25 mil but Chapman snagged it for $1.85 million. Let’s take a look inside this reliever’s paradise:

The LBS headquarters are pretty expansive, but I’m guessing we could manage in a place like that. Just not sure it could hold all our laptops.

Chapman has pitched well since returning from the minor leagues in May. He signed a six-year $30.25 million contract as a free agent defector from Cuba. If it makes you feel any better, his pad has nothing on Adrian Beltre’s mansion.

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Aroldis Chapman Throws Ball Through the Backstop Behind Home Plate

Chances are the ball happened to hit the screen just right or on a weak spot, but that’s still fun to see.  We have seen Aroldis Chapman blow up radar guns many times before (see this pitch and this pitch), but throwing a ball through the screen is a feat that is rarely accomplished.  This particular pitch was clocked at a measly 99mph but still managed to make its way through.  Lucky for the Reds, no fans were sitting directly behind the screen.  I’m no lawyer, but that seems like it would be a slam dunk of a lawsuit.

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Cuban born Aroldis Chapman Does Cinco de Mayo Commercial for Pepto Bismol

Reds flame-throwing reliever Aroldis Chapman is from Cuba. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. That still didn’t stop Pepto Bismol from having Chapman film a Cinco de Mayo commercial for them. Check it out:

I guess their message is not to overeat? Funny, where have we seen that message from Pepto Bismol before huh? I like the creativity, I like the commercial, but can we get some cultural consistency please? Thanks

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Aroldis Chapman Hits 106 mph on Stadium Scoreboard Reading

It was only a week ago that critics were wondering what was wrong with Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman. The flame-throwing southpaw typically hits triple digits with his pitches, but he was only throwing in the low-90s consistently making people think he had magically lost his fastball. After a few days off to rest his arm because of inflammation, he was back to normal Monday night.

The stadium scoreboard had Chapman touching 106 mph on a pitch to Andrew McCutchen, while the TV had the pitch at 105 mph and Pitch F/X for MLB.com had it at 102. I have little doubt the stadium scoreboard was giving out a juiced up rating to produce a more intimidating effect but there’s no question that Chapman can throw smoke.

We got excited when Chapman clocked 102 a year ago, and we were pumped up when he hit 105 in the minors. When Aroldis hit 105.1 mph in a major league game in San Diego, we knew it was no fluke. The only problem is like Jimmy Traina said, Chapman may need to update the tattoo on his wrist after his 106 mph pitch.

Aroldis Chapman Hits 105MPH Again, This Time in the Big Leagues

This just in: Aroldis Chapman throws hard.  There have been plenty of stories about the Cincinnati Reds’ freak of nature blowing up radar guns and throwing upwards of 100mph.  Back in march, we heard that Chapman regularly hit 102mph on the gun.  Impressive?  Yes, but guys like Joel Zumaya and Daniel Bard have been there and done that.  Then we heard he hit 105mph during a Triple-A game.  That’s insanely fast and would have qualified for the fastest pitch ever recorded if it were thrown during a big league game.  Everyone knows those minor league guns are juiced though, right?

Apparently that’s not the case.  Aroldis Chapman hit 105mph again, this time against the San Diego Padres on Friday night, to give him the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown in a Major League Game.  The previous record was 104.8mph, held by Joel Zumaya.  Chapman’s pitch was actually a 105.1 mph fastball. 

If this kid’s arm doesn’t fall off, I’ll be shocked.

Aroldis Chapman Hits 105mph on the Gun

I was already blown away when I heard that Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman clocked in at 102mph on the radar gun back in March. The amount of people on the planet who can throw 100mph or greater is scarce, and even still, 102 is going pretty well beyond 100. But 105? I didn’t think that was possible. At least if you weren’t driving a car.

FanHouse MLB reporter Ed Price says Chapman hit 105 in his Triple-A game Friday night and sat at 103mph. That’s so absurd it actually has me worried. My first inclination is to believe that the radar gun was juiced up and giving out high readings. Even if it were, throwing 103mph is ridiculous. I honestly don’t believe our appendages were meant to do that and have that much strain. Any wonder why Joel Zumaya’s arm fell off and Strasburg’s elbow gave out? Throwing that kind of heat is not good for the body.

Chapman’s accomplishment also signifies an athletic change in baseball. Much like in football and track, bigger, stronger, and faster players keep developing. We’re reaching athletic levels that were previously unthinkable. 15 years ago, there were maybe two or three guys who could hit triple digits. Between guys like Ubaldo Jimenez, Justin Verlander, Strasburg, Zumaya, Matt Lindstrom, Billy Wagner, Felix Hernandez, Bobby Parnell, Bobby Jenks and probably a few others, the list of 100mph pitchers is growing.

If you’re wondering why pitching has been dominating this year, aside from drug testing, the development of hard-throwing pitchers has played a huge role. Chapman will be up with Cincinnati in September. Sucks to be a hitter.