Brandon Crawford puts Giants World Series ring on 4-month-old daughter (Picture)


Very few of us have seen a championship ring in person. We hear how the championship rings that professional athletes receive cost thousands of dollars, but it’s hard to truly understand how massive they are. San Francisco Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford posted a photo on Twitter Sunday night that should help put it into perspective.

As you can see, Crawford put his Giants World Series ring on the hand of his 4-month-old daughter Braylyn. And now we know — a World Series ring is probably about the size of a newborn baby’s hand. That’s a lot of diamonds. It almost makes you wonder how someone could lose one in a shoe and find it four years later.

H/T Big League Stew

Giants combine for craziest catch of the year (Video)

Giants infielders Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Crawford combined to make one of the craziest catches of the year, though it was Crawford’s amazing reflexes that made it possible. Astros catcher Jason Castro fouled a ball down the left field line during Tuesday’s game and Sandoval, who was playing third, seemed to have it. Sandoval lost control of the ball as he went to the ground, and he flipped it in the air unintentionally. Crawford alertly dove for it and made an awesome grab to end the first.

Crawford also made a sweet over-the-shoulder basket catch later in the game just so you would know that wasn’t a fluke. The second-year player isn’t doing much at the plate, but he’s holding his own at shortstop for the Giants.