Bret Bielema tells Arkansas fans to knock s— out of Auburn spies

Bret Bielema Arkansas

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema surely pleased some Razorbacks fans with his choice of words at the team’s scrimmage on Saturday — their second scrimmage of camp.

Speaking in front of about 3,500 fans in attendance, Bielema reminded his supporters not to videotape the practice in about the best way possible.

“If you see someone videotaping, tell them that ain’t right,” Bielema said. “Especially if they’re wearing an Auburn shirt, knock the s*** out of them.”

According to NWAOnline.com, Bielema’s joke was well received by the fans, who gave a cheer. Clever joke from Bielema, who has been at odds with Auburn’s head coach Gus Malzahn over the hurry-up offense.

I don’t even want to know what kind of jokes Bielema would have made had he been scrimmaging with the Patriots.

Bret Bielema bows down to Nick Saban in great GIF

Nick Saban Bret BielemaBret Bielema slipped and fell down while doing the Hog Walk prior to the Arkansas Razorbacks’ loss to Texas A&M last month, and the embarrassing moment went viral. If you thought that GIF was good — and it was — LSU Freek did us one better.

LSU Freek, who is just an absolute wizard when it comes to making GIFs, decided to perfect that moment by adding in some Nick Saban.

Alabama spanked Arkansas 52-0 last Saturday, so Freek “improved” this GIF by turning it into Bielema bowing down to Saban.


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Dana Holgorsen: Nick Saban, Bret Bielema should stop crying about hurry-up offense

Geno-Smith-huddleThe no-huddle offense has become more popular at both the collegiate and professional levels over the past few years. Fans enjoy it because it makes the game more exciting and leads to incredible scores like 56-42 in college games. However, some of the nation’s top coaches like Nick Saban and Bret Bielema have wondered whether the hurry-up offense is fair and safe for the players.

“I just think there’s got to be some sense of fairness in terms of asking, ‘Is this what we want football to be?’” Saban said last year, among many other things.

West Virginia is one school that has enjoyed success using an up-tempo offense over the past few seasons. On Monday at Big 12 Media Days, Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen said Saban and Bielema had better learn to live with it.

“Yeah, I’d tell (them) to get over it because it’s not going to change,” Holgorsen said, via The Tulsa World. “It’s going into the NFL, for crying out loud. There’s people being hired in the NFL that have the background in college football to be able to create a little bit more parity. Don’t see it changing any time soon, so you’d better learn to adapt to it.”

Holgorsen is right. I’m no expert on how the no-huddle offense impacts player safety, but it is certainly becoming more popular. Even prominent NFL teams like the New England Patriots thrive using the hurry-up, so obviously college programs will want to follow suit in order to prepare their players to compete at the next level.

Saban chooses not to run that type of offense, and he obviously doesn’t need it. Two national championships in the past three years say he has done almost everything right, both on offense and defense. Like everyone else, Saban will just have to learn to accept it and continue to adapt. There aren’t going to be any NCAA rules that outlaw the hurry-up offense at any point in the near future.

Jen Bielema and her bikini seemed to enjoy Las Vegas


Bret Bielema has had himself a fantastic past year or so. Most of you likely know that Bielema was hired as the head coach of the Arkansas football team back in December. What many of you may not know is that he also got married last March to a lovely young lady who is now named Jen Bielema (formerly Jen Hielsberg). If Bret wins as much on the field as he has in his personal life, the Razorbacks will be just fine.

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis shared the photo you see above with us on Tuesday, which features Jen Bielema ready to hit the pool in Las Vegas. Jen’s Twitter account indicated that she was spending the weekend in Vegas, but her Instagram account showed how lucky any dudes were who happened to be sitting next to her at the pool.

Travis also pointed out that Bret and Jen met at a blackjack table in Las Vegas, so this certainly wasn’t her first trip to Sin City. Then again, you probably could have guessed that by looking at the picture. And we thought this lovely lady was the hottest wife in college football? The competition just got a lot stiffer.



Photos via Twitter/Jen Bielema

Arkansas reaches out to wrong Jamal Anderson on behalf of Bret Bielema

Jamal-Anderson-dirty-birdBret Bielema is entering his first season as the head football coach at Arkansas. As the new guy in town, one of his responsibilities will be establishing a relationship with former players and other alumni who have gone through the school. Just five months after his hiring, Bielema has already realized he should keep a closer eye on the football operations department.

On Friday, former Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson shared a photo of a note someone in Arkansas’ football operations department sent him on behalf of Bielema. The aim was to reach out to Anderson as a former Razorback who went on to the NFL. The only problem is Jamal went to Utah.


The person who wrote the note was looking for Jamaal Anderson, the guy who has two A’s in his first name and plays defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Like Jamal, Jamaal was also drafted by the Falcons and played four seasons in Atlanta. Perhaps that’s where the author of the note got confused.

Can you blame the guy for wanting to reach out to the master of the Dirty Bird instead of a Bengals defensive end? Neither can we.

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Urban Meyer was ‘very angry’ with Bret Bielema accusations

Urban Meyer upset some Big Ten coaches by flipping some recruits to Ohio State on National Signing Day. A few notable Big Ten coaches felt Meyer had broken an unspoken agreement within the conference that coaches would not talk to recruits who had made verbal commitments. Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said what Meyer did was illegal. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez found no fault in Meyer’s actions.

Meyer addressed the accusations Thursday and said they upset him.

“I was very angry,” Meyer said during an appearance on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland. “Whenever you use those terms, something like ‘illegal,’ that couldn’t be further from the truth. That doesn’t happen here, and if it did, we would make a change with whoever did it.

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Bret Bielema Crushes Jim Tressel for Cheating at Ohio State

Wisconsin has established itself as a force in the Big Ten the past two seasons. They’ve had back-to-back double-digit win seasons and have fought with the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan State for the top spot in the conference. Because of the close competition between the schools and what’s at stake, it irks Badgers coach Bret Bielema if one school has an advantage over the other because it’s cheating.

Asked about Jim Tressel’s departure from Ohio State during the conference’s media day Thursday, Bielema provided a blunt response.

“If I had a dream world, I would say hammer the guys who don’t do things right,” Bielema said. “When you are consciously aware of abusing a rule, there’s no excuse for that. When you consciously break an NCAA rule, the only way to deter that is to get rid of people or seriously hold people accountable.

“When I come across someone who’s knowingly or willingly (breaking a rule), I have no tolerance for that.”

Jim Tressel consciously broke NCAA rules by withholding knowledge of potential violations committed by his players. He knew the team would be in trouble without star quarterback Terrelle Pryor, so he decided to cover things up.

Wisconsin handed Ohio State its only loss last season so one could say justice was done on the field. By the sounds of things, that’s not enough retribution for Bielema.

We’re going to hang onto this nifty little quote in case Wisconsin ever gets popped. This is the exact sort of comment that can make you look foolish, much like this guy.