Bruce Bochy Really Wanted Sergio Romo on the NL All-Star Team

Bruce Bochy used a blatant bias when he picked the NL All-Star team. It’s something managers do and we understood it. What wasn’t cool was giving all his starters the night off while burning everyone else’s pitchers, but that’s a separate point. What is of concern is the disgusting depths of his homerism.

While pitchers like Tommy Hanson, Jordan Zimmerman, Daniel Hudson, and John Axford were left off the team AND fan vote, Bochy was busy considering adding his reliever Sergio Romo to the squad. Check out his little crib sheet that shows the players he considered for the fan vote (as shown during Showtime’s premiere of The Franchise):

Bruce Bochy for you, ladies and gentlemen. Bochy made no secret that he was going to reward his players, but I had no idea he would take it that far. He had meetings with Romo and Javier Lopez to let them know he tried to get them on the team but couldn’t make it work. Now we really know that’s a fact.

When we did our list of NL All-Star team snubs, Romo was not mentioned. About 20 other pitchers were on the list, but not Romo. This is the NL All-Star team, Bochy, not the All MLB Facial Hair Team. Get real.

Why Didn’t Bruce Bochy Use Any of the Giants’ Starting Pitchers in All-Star Game?

You know how we roll at LBS. When we seem some b.s., we call b.s. And Giants manager Bruce Bochy naming three of his starting pitchers to the NL All-Star team was a total homer move. It’s not the first time a manager has picked his own players to join the All-Star team when other players were more deserving, but it was a pretty blatant abuse of powers. Even though two of the Giants were on our list of NL players who should have been left off the roster, we lived with Bochy’s decisions. But the crap he pulled managing the NL squad was inexcusable.

In case you missed it, Bochy did not use any of his starting pitchers during the game. That’s right, he put 60% of his starting rotation on the squad and didn’t use of one of them. Naturally you’re asking if his pitchers had proper rest to be able to pitch. Here’s the breakdown:

    - Matt Cain pitched Sunday, so he was ineligible
    Tim Lincecum pitched Saturday, he could have gone an inning
    Ryan Vogelsong pitched Friday, he should have been able to pitch an inning

For comparison, let’s look at the starters of other NL teams he decided to use instead:

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Bruce Bochy Pulled Jonathan Sanchez Too Early, Paid the Price in Game 2

In what seems to be a continuing theme in the 2010 MLB playoffs, Giants manager Bruce Bochy pulled starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez early in Game 2 of the NLCS and saw his bullpen blow a 2-1 game. Sanchez was pitching well, allowing just two runs through six innings. He had walked in a run in the first and gave up an RBI sac fly in the 5th. Yet after having the lefty start the 7th, Bochy brought out the quick hook after Sanchez gave up a single to fellow pitcher Roy Oswalt to lead off the inning.

Sanchez had already thrown 100 pitches at that point, but there was no reason to not let him go through the lineup again. Instead, Bochy pulled Sanchez and brought in reliever Ramon Ramirez who gave up a sac bunt, intentional walk, and run-scoring single by Placido Polanco. Next, Jeremy Affeldt entered the game and he struck out Ryan Howard before intentionally walking Jayson Werth. Of course Boch wasn’t done there, and he brought in Santiago Casilla who gave up the big blow — a bases-clearing double by Jimmy Rollins to make it 6-1.

We saw Rangers manager Ron Washington make the same mistake of pulling his starter early on Friday night. I know you’re probably saying that there’s a difference between the two — the Giants were already down 2-1 so it’s not like they blew a win, while the Rangers were up and blew a lead. True, but that’s not the point.

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Bruce Bochy Picks on Acting Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly

Bruce Bochy may not be very good at making decisions, but he’s certainly got an eye for spotting others who make bad ones.  After Joe Torre was ejected due to a hit batsman issue during Wednesday night’s Dodgers-Giants game, Bochy pulled out the rule book and stuffed it directly up acting manager Don Mattingly‘s can.

With the Dodgers leading 5-4 in a bases loaded situation in the 9th, Mattingly decided to make a mound visit to chat with his closer, Jonathan Broxton. As Mattingly was leaving the mound to head back to the dugout, James Loney asked him a question and he turned around and walked back to the mound to answer him.  Since he technically stepped off the mound and returned in the same inning, Bochy was quick to point out that it was the second mound visit of the inning and the umpiring crew agreed Broxton must leave the game.  Here’s the video of Don Mattingly accidentally making two mound visits and forcing Broxton from the game, courtesy of Deadspin:

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Bruce Bochy’s Poor Decision Blows Game for Giants, Barry Zito

Last week we criticized Joe Torre for mismanaging the Dodgers’ bullpen which contributed to two losses. Today, it’s time to criticize Torre’s counterpart, Giants manager Bruce Bochy. Barry Zito and Clayton Kershaw were engaged in a pitcher’s duel Sunday, keeping the game scoreless until Juan Uribe’s solo home run put the Giants up 1-0 in the 7th. Zito worked into the eighth where he got an out and then walked pinch hitter Garret Anderson. When the Dodgers decided to bat Manny Ramirez in the pitcher’s spot, Bochy rightfully went to the bullpen to make a change. The Giants were up 1-0 with one out and a man on first in the bottom of the 8th when he went to the pen. They were five outs away from winning the game and trying to protect a one run lead against a prodigious clutch hitter. What do you do? A) Bring in your closer to save the game in the 8th or B) keep him in the pen until after the save opportunity is gone?

If you answered “B” please come forward and collect your “L” because that’s what happened with the Giants. Bochy went to setup man Sergio Romo over closer Brian Wilson and Romo surrendered a game-winning two-run home run. It’s not that Romo’s a bad pitcher — he had thrown five scoreless innings until Manny’s homer — but that’s a situation where you need to bring in your best bullpen arm to preserve the lead. Instead, Bochy went “by the book” and brought in his 8th inning arm, keeping his “closer” in the bullpen to protect a lead that never came. Look, Wilson’s the best pitcher in the bullpen. In a situation like that, you have to bring him in; it’s just the smartest move. Moreover, Manny sits on offspeed and struggles with heat. His home run came off a sidearm breaking ball. Wilson throws upper-90s gas and Manny was 0-3 against him with two strikeouts.

Eh, what do I know? He’s the manager and I’m just a critic. That’s why he gets paid millions while I could have made a better decision for free.

The best part was when the FSN cameras showed the Giants dugout and Aubrey Huff elbowed a teammate after the home run to say “told you” following Manny’s home run. Who didn’t see that one coming?