Clipper Darrell says there aren’t any issues between him and the Clippers

Darrell Bailey, the Clippers superfan known as “Clipper Darrell,” had a public spat with the team in February that got ugly. Darrell said the team didn’t want him to be “Clipper Darrell” anymore. The team accused him of being a businessman trying to profit off the organization, and they even said he’s not a fan of the team. Since then, the sides have worked out an agreement and Darrell has been back cheering on the Clippers.

I went to the Clippers-Thunder game on Monday night and spoke with Darrell after the game about his relationship with the team.

“We have a mutual understanding now about what my role is,” Clipper Darrell explained. “Everything is squashed, it’s over with. I just want to concentrate on the future.”

I asked him if he would confirm that Mark Cuban attempted to hire him to be a superfan for the Mavericks several years ago, but he wouldn’t comment on the matter.

I also asked Bailey if he could ever see himself being a fan of another team, and he had a terse answer: no.

As for the Clippers, who were coming off a 92-77 win over Oklahoma City, he thinks they’re going to reach the Western Conference Finals.

Do Clippers have right to demand control of message, revenue cut if Darrell is profiting from being fan of team?

When people learned the Clippers had asked their most notable fan, Darrell Bailey, to drop “Clipper” from his nickname, there was a great deal of outrage. We felt the Clippers were cutting down one of their greatest supporters because now that they’re winning and successful, they feel they can speak out. The Clippers issued a statement accusing Darrell of not actually being a fan of the the team, “but a fan of what he can make off of the Clippers.” Their position was defended much better in an LA Times piece by Bill Plaschke.

Plaschke depicts Darrell as a guy trying to profit off the Clippers and says the team offered him a chance to be paid and treated like an official team cheerleader. The team wants to control what he gets paid, the appearances he makes, and what he says about the team, because they feel he is profiting off of them.

There is some merit to their argument, and they have a right to ask him to go by Darrell Bailey rather than “Clipper Darrell.” But I don’t believe they have a right to control his messages about the team and the money he makes.

Darrell has become well known because he is a great hype guy. Whether he was a fan of the Clippers, Lakers, Bucks, or Celtics is inconsequential — people love him because he makes games exciting. He acquired the “Clipper Darrell” name out of association. You need a nickname for “the guy at the Clippers games with the funny suit who’s always yelling,” so he became Clipper Darrell.

If people want him to attend their wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or game, it’s because he makes events exciting. He became known through the Clippers, but not because of them.

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Did Clippers make Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan delete tweets supporting Clipper Darrell?

When news first came out that the Clippers wanted Clipper Darrell to drop “Clipper” from his nickname, many people were outraged. Even Clippers star players Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and DeAndre Jordan expressed support for Clipper Darrell via Twitter. But it looks like the Clippers may have gotten to them.

Jimmy Traina pointed out on Twitter Thursday morning that both Griffin and Jordan deleted their tweets of support for Clipper Darrell, suggesting that the team asked them to remove the tweets. Chris Paul’s tweet of support remains, so either he refused to delete the tweet, or he hasn’t had a chance to. Here is a screenshot of all three tweets via SB Nation LA:

If you’re doubting that management would have asked the players to delete tweets that makes the team look bad, just remember this is the same organization that had a problem with the way one of its most ardent fans was supporting the franchise.

‘Clipper Darrell’ forced to drop moniker by Clippers, who say he’s not a fan of team

Before Blake Griffin, before Chris Paul, before “Lob City,” there was “Clipper Darrell.” But now, the team is making its most recognizable fan drop his nickname.

Clipper Darrell, aka Darrell Bailey, was having a profile done on him by a sports site, but when the website was denied media credentials, Bailey called the team to find out why. Carl Lahr, the team’s senior vice president of marketing and sales returned his call.

“We got to talking and I said the way I feel, you don’t want Clipper Darrell no more,” Darrell said in an interview with FishbowlLA. “You want Darrell Bailey back. They said, ‘You would do that?’

“That’s when everything went haywire and they said I was trying to make money off sponsorships. If people are going to pay me to do some things, why not do it? I don’t see any harm in it as long as I’m not hurting the brand itself. I’m going to high schools, charity events, I do it all. They told me at the end of the conversation that, ‘We would like you not to be Clipper Darrell anymore and would like you to go back to Darrell Bailey.’”

Seen in his custom-made red-and-blue suit, Darrell has been a fixture at Clippers home games for some time, performing kooky dance moves during breaks in action and also leading chants. On his blog, Darrell says he’s been fan of the Clippers for 15 years and estimates he’s been to over 400 games. That’s a lot of losing, and yet Darrell stood by his team.

Close followers of the team might remember the parade he led in an effort to recruit LeBron James to join the Clips in 2010 or when he threatened to sleep outside Staples Center last year in protest of the lockout.

Rather than his trademark suit, Darrell wore black to the the Clips’ 109-97 loss Tuesday night to the Timberwolves at Staples Center. On Twitter, several Clippers players including Paul, Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have expressed their support of him.

On Wednesday the Clippers released a statement defending their decision:

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Clipper Fan Darrell Will Sleep Outside Staples Center in Protest of NBA Lockout

Clipper Darrell is one of the most notable fans in the NBA. You may recognize him from his custom made Clippers car or his custom made Clippers suit. He’s such a dedicated, enthusiastic fan that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban once met with him and tried to hire him to work for Dallas. Darrell didn’t bite.

But Darrell’s not just a goofy guy with a suit; he’s a pioneer. He led a rally hoping to convince LeBron James to sign with the Clippers as a free agent, and he protested the team last season after their poor start. Now he’s organizing a sleepover at Staples Center to protest the NBA lockout.

Clipper Darrell first mentioned the sleepover protest on his twitter account August 16th. “I WANT BASKETBALL BACK!! The LA Clippers finally get a superstar & now it’s an NBA lockout. I WILL SLEEP @STAPLES starting OCT.1 ..are u in?” Clipper Darrell wrote. He’s been running a countdown to the sleepover, mentioning it every few days. He’s even trying to recruit other people to join him “All NBA fans arena & restaurant employees camera people & anybody else this affects on Oct 1 protest lockout sleep over Staples Center.”

Darrell says he won’t leave Staples Center until the lockout ends but I don’t buy it. What he doesn’t realize is that this is going to go on through at least the end of the year. No way he goes Ghandi on everyone and remains at Staples for months — it’s just not going to happen.

Darrell talked a big game when he said he was protesting the Clippers but he only lasted one half. Also, his efforts (much like his recruitment of LeBron) are misguided. Sleeping out at Staples Center won’t change the labor situation; it’s just a waste of time. But it’s funny watching Darrell trying to rally the troops.

Clipper Darrell Strike Lasted Only One Half

Clipper Darrell went from leading a fan parade begging LeBron to sign with the Clips to going on strike after the team started off 0-4. He said he was striking until the team started to put forth a full effort of hustle and heart for 48 minutes and that he would wear black while on strike.

Clipper Darrell showed up for Wednesday’s game against the Thunder in all black, but he did bring his famous suit in his car. After the Clippers stunned everyone getting out to a double-digit lead in the second quarter, he went out to his car at halftime to change into the suit. Here’s how he turned out by the end of the game when he posed for a pic with yours truly:

Clipper Darrell said after the game he was having drug addiction-like withdrawals and that he just couldn’t do it. Factoring into the strike ending — aside from the withdrawals — was that the Clippers actually played well, running the Thunder out of the building. Things may have been awkward for Kevin Durant after the loss, but all was well in Clipper Land. Now all we need is for Vinny Del Negro to sit down once in a while and stop blocking my damn view!

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Clipper Fan Darrell Officially on Strike

The Clippers are 0-4 to start the season and have already disappointed their fans. Baron Davis admitted he came into camp out of shape and had to miss their last two games because of a knee injury. They’ve had three home games and still lost — albeit to good teams. They were blown out by the Warriors on the road. Their fans are dissatisfied and even the most loyal, dedicated fan of all has voiced his displeasure.

As The Basketball Jones pointed out, the legendary Clipper Darrell has gone on strike. CD is so big time he notified the world in the third person, “All I want to see is love & passion 4 the game …CLIPPER DARRELL IS NOW ON STRIKE!!!! I’m hanging the suit up in the closet.”

If Clipper Darrell has gone on strike then you know things are really bad. I’m heading to watch my first Clippers game of the season as they take on the Thunder tonight and will be able to see for myself whether they lack the effort Darrell says they do. I’ll also be able to report if Clipper Darrell has stayed true to his word. You just know things are really bad when he’s dropped off the band wagon.