David Beckham reportedly looking to build 75,000-seat stadium for Miami MLS team

David-Beckham-Super-Bowl-UnderwearIt appears all but certain that David Beckham is going to start his own Major League Soccer franchise in Miami at some point in the near future. Last month, a report indicated that Beckham was in the process of working out a deal with MLS and could have his team playing games as early as 2015. One of the remaining unknowns is where the team will play its home games. According to the Sunday People, Beckham intends to build a stadium.

Beckham is reportedly looking to build a 75,000-seat venue that will be surrounded by shops and a hotel. The team will supposedly play its home games at Sun Life Stadium, the former home of the Miami Marlins, until the new stadium is completed.

“It’s such an exciting project, he has found some land and it’s pretty much all ready to go,” a source reportedly told the Sunday People. “It will be a special stadium, really up to date. Hopefully it will be used for concerts too. David wants it to be a real spectacle in Miami.”

That seems like an awful lot of seats for a soccer stadium in America.

Beckham, who was given the option of buying an MLS franchise at a discount price when he signed with the LA Galaxy, is currently in talks with potential sponsors to fund his new project. As we mentioned before, Miami was once the home of an MLS franchise that failed due to a lack of interest and poor attendance. It will be a challenge for Beckham to make it work, though he seems like he would be the perfect man for the job.

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David Beckham reportedly looking to start MLS team in Miami

David-Beckham-Helps-Stranded-MotoristDavid Beckham has retired from playing soccer, but he intends to remain very involved with the sport. So involved, in fact, that the former English national team captain is reportedly looking to start his own Major League Soccer franchise in Miami.

The MLS has been looking to expand to 24 teams by 2020, and Beckham has reportedly considered locations including Montreal, Orlando and San Diego. He had the option of becoming an MLS owner written into his massive contract that he signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, meaning he would pay less to start an expansion team than other owners would have to pay. According to The Telegraph, Beckham has settled on Miami.

“We know that Miami is one of the most passionate soccer markets in North America,” MLS executive vice president Dan Courtemanche told The Telegraph. “We have met with David Beckham regarding ownership of an expansion franchise, and we look forward to David one day owning an MLS club.”

Beckham is said to be looking for investors to help cover the costs of starting the franchise and building a stadium, though the team could begin playing its home games in an existing venue as early as 2016. Sun Life Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins, has been mentioned as a possibility.

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“I think Miami fans are very passionate about their sports and very passionate about winning,” Beckham said over the summer while visiting Sun Life Stadium. “It’s definitely exciting.”

Miami briefly played home to an MLS team from 1997 through 2001, but the franchise ultimately failed because of poor attendance. The MLS has yet to approve Beckham’s plans, though it would be tough to imagine the league blocking one of the world’s most recognizable sports icons from owning a team. If Beckham can’t make it work, no one can.

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Sir Alex Ferguson: David Beckham chose fame over soccer career

David BeckhamFormer Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has written a new biography and questions former star player for the Red Devils David Beckham for choosing a life of fame over soccer.

“He lost the chance to become an absolute top-dog player. He wanted to give it all up for a new career, a new lifestyle, for stardom,” Ferguson says about Beckham, who left Old Trafford in 2003 to join Real Madrid, in his new book “Alex Ferguson: My Biography.”

Beckham was a Manchester United fan growing up and signed with them as a youth. He debuted with the team when he was 17 and played there from 1993-2003, but left after having problems with Ferguson.

After an FA Cup loss to Arsenal, Ferguson called out Beckham for failing to track back on a play that resulted in a goal. He kicked his boot at Beckham after the game and it hit the player above the eye.

Ferguson writes in the book that he was worried Beckham thought he had become bigger than the coach. Ferguson believes that if Beckham put soccer ahead of the fame, he could have been playing at Manchester United up until last year.

“He could still have been at Manchester United when I left.”

Instead, Becks left for Real Madrid from 2003-2007 and then played in MLS from 2007-2012. Now the 38-year-old is with Paris Saint-Germain.

David Beckham has new tattoo of wife Victoria’s name on his hand

David-Beckham-Victoria-BeckhamDavid Beckham is a man of many tattoos. It seems only right that he should have a few of them that are dedicated to his beautiful wife Victoria.

A seemingly new tattoo was recently spotted on Beckham’s right hand. We can clearly tell by this photo that it wasn’t there over the summer. And wouldn’t you know, it says his wife’s name in pretty cursive letters.

Unlike the other tattoo he has of Posh Spice, this one probably isn’t going to cause a stir among schools in the United Kingdom. Then again, the other tattoo is typically hidden unless he takes his shirt off to thrill the ladies. The one on his hand kind of has to be more tasteful.

David Beckham reportedly considering role in spy movie

David-Beckham-Elle-MagazineDavid Beckham has one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and as a result he has become much more than just a successful soccer player. The 38-year-old has starred in underwear commercials and countless other advertisements. Now, Beckham may be setting his sights on the film industry.

Sources reportedly told the Daily Mail over the weekend that Beckham is mulling over a role in a new spy thriller movie called “The Secret Service.” The ladies may never believe it, but the role Beckham is considering is supposedly that of a villain.

Beckham has had several movie offers since he officially announced his retirement from soccer. According to The Sun, he has not yet fully committed to the spy movie and is not looking to make a new career out of acting.

“He loves movies and fancies appearing on the big screen – but just as a one-off, not a full-time career,” a source told The Sun.

Samuel L. Jackson has already signed on to play the villain in “The Secret Service,” which will also feature Michael Caine and a cameo from Elton John. Victoria Beckham is said to be in favor of David starring in movies, noting that she enjoyed her role in the movie “Spice World.”

Well-known Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein said Beckham would have his pick of the film industry if he decided to break into acting.

“David can be anything he wants, including becoming a movie star,” Weinstein said. “He doesn’t need any advice from me, he can do anything he wants.”

We don’t know if Beckham can act, but we can certainly say with confidence that there are plenty of people who would see a movie simply because he’s in it.

NFL team reportedly wanted David Beckham to try out as kicker

David-Beckham-LA-hockey-townDavid Beckham, NFL kicker? The idea may sound crazy to some, but apparently there was a scout from an NFL team who thought it might be a good idea.

According to The Daily Mirror, Beckham was recently contacted by an NFL scout as he contemplated his future with the LA Galaxy. The soccer star announced his retirement from the Galaxy last month, which opened the window for an NFL team to offer him a tryout as a placekicker.

Beckham is planning to continue helping the growth of American soccer after he retires, but it would stand to reason that he could help the NFL as well. While some players absolutely despise the idea, the NFL has been contemplating moving a full-time franchise to London. Two NFL games are already played overseas each year, so it would stand to reason that Beckham could help market American football even further in his home country.

The Mirror’s source reportedly speculated that Beckham’s shot-shaping expertise could translate well to kicking field goals.

“A couple of scouts felt that David has the potential to become a kicker in the NFL team, and one actually put a call into him for a trial,” the source said. “It is no secret that David is one of the best in the business when it comes to accuracy and length in his passing. And he has stood on the greatest stages to perform magnificent feats with his feet.

“Major league kickers can send the ball 40 yards straight – David has shown for the last 15 years he can do that week in week out.”

The source also talked about how much money Beckham could generate in international marketing and PR, which is likely what any NFL team that was interested in him would be looking for. Unfortunately, the 38-year-old declined the offer. I’d personally love to see what he can do.

David Beckham kicks ball at opponent Sam Cronin, gets yellow card (Video)

David Beckham received a yellow card at the end of the Galaxy’s 4-3 loss to San Jose on Saturday after kicking a ball at one of his opponents.

Quakes midfielder Sam Cronin was down on the ground after getting tangled with a Galaxy player on a corner kick in the 91st minute. Beckham may have been frustrated that his team was losing, or he felt like Cronin was faking, so he decided to kick a ball at the fallen midfielder.

Cronin got up in a fury after being kicked with the ball and a scuffle between the teams ensued. Beckham received a yellow card for his actions and will be suspended for the Galaxy’s next game.

Beckham is no stranger to controversy in his MLS games; he actually was more tame this time compared to what happened last year.