David Price took a line drive to the nuts (GIF)

Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price taught all of the young ballplayers in the world a valuable lesson on Tuesday night — always wear a cup. Had the lefthander not been wearing one, his night would have been much, much worse.

Price was pitching to Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer in the top of the fourth inning when Mauer ripped a line drive right back at him. It hit Price directly in the groin area and ricocheted toward third base, allowing Mauer to reach on an infield single. Trainers came out to examine Price, at which point he proudly showed them that his cup had done it’s job.


That’s what I call saving the children.

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Report: David Price would not sign extension with Mariners if traded

David-Price-Arbitration-Derek-Jeter-HouseThe Seattle Mariners made by far the most significant move of the MLB offseason when they signed Robinson Cano to a 10-year deal worth $240 million. While most of us can agree they overpaid for Cano, all that really matters is what Seattle does now. If they build a championship contender around Cano, it could be worth it. One way the Mariners could attempt to do that is by trading for starting pitchers like David Price.

The Tampa Bay Rays are clearly open to dealing Price, who they know they will not be able to afford when his contract expires after the 2015 season. However, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported on Wednesday that Price would refuse to sign a contract extension with Seattle if he was traded there.

Rosenthal also noted that Price’s alleged unwillingness to remain with the Mariners for more than two seasons does not rule out the possibility of a trade, as they are looking to win right now. Still, it would make giving up a boatload of prospects a lot more painful.

Of course, things can change in a hurry. This is the same Price who once said he would never sign a long-term extension with the New York Yankees because of their facial hair policy, so we know he can be picky. If he is traded to Seattle and the Mariners become a contender, he could easily change his mind. The question now becomes whether the M’s are willing to take that gamble.

David Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole goes off on Red Sox fans, David Ortiz

David-Price-girlfriend-Tiffany-NicoleTampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price handled himself in a regrettable manner after giving up seven runs in a Game 2 ALDS loss to the Boston Red Sox. For starters, the left-hander ripped David Ortiz for admiring a home run. He then took to Twitter to brag about all of his accomplishments during his MLB and collegiate careers, as if any of that mattered following a playoff loss.

Price later apologized for his rant and admitted it got out of hand. But before he took aim at his critics and Big Papi, Price’s girlfriend Tiffany Nicole was on Twitter venting about how classless Red Sox fans are.

For those of you who are unaware, “POS” stands for “pieces of s—.” Naturally, the Red Sox supporters came out of the woodwork and began bashing Tiffany for grouping all fans together. Others called her names and basically told her to stuff it, but she refused to back down. She claimed fans were throwing trash and taunting opposing players’ children.

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David Price rips David Ortiz for admiring home run

David-Price-Arbitration-Derek-Jeter-HouseDavid Price did not take his ALDS Game 2 loss to the Boston Red Sox in stride on Saturday. The Tampa Bay Rays ace allowed seven runs over seven innings and was taken deep twice by David Ortiz. Big Papi’s second home run was a towering shot in the eighth inning that wrapped around the right field foul ball. Ortiz took a few seconds to either admire his shot or determine whether it was fair or foul. Whatever he was doing, Price did not appreciate it.

“He knows how I’ve pitched him the last year and a half, probably two years,” Price told reporters after the game, via Evan Drellich of MassLive.com. “He steps in the bucket and he hits a homer, and he stares at it to see if it’s fair or foul — I’m sure that’s what he’d say. But as soon as he hit it and I saw it, I knew it was fair. Run.”

Ortiz has been known to stare down his homers even when they aren’t close to the foul pole, so you can understand why Price may have been frustrated. However, the comment about Papi was one of many that made Price sound like a sore loser. He also ripped the TBS’ analysts for being “nerds” and sent these tweets:

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David Price rips ‘nerds’ Dirk Hayhurst, Tom Verducci

David PriceTampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price lashed out at MLB analysts Dirk Hayhurst and Tom Verducci for being critical of him on TBS’ postgame show Saturday night.

Price allowed seven runs over seven innings in the Rays’ 7-4 ALDS Game 2 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday. According to Turner PR, Hayhurst said on TBS that Price should have been pulled from the game earlier.

“This is the playoffs, you can’t take any chances. He was out there past his prime. He should’ve come out sooner.”

Whatever else Hayhurst and Verducci said must have ticked off Price, because the pitcher ripped the analysts via Twitter:

I mean yeah, that is pretty funny from Price, but it’s wrong. I would expect an ace like him to be fired up and ticked off about anyone saying he should have been pulled earlier. What pitcher likes having a bad day or getting a quick hook? But calling them nerds is childish (even if it is funny).

Since when do people have to be major league pitchers to be able to spot when a pitcher should be pulled? One has little to do with the other.

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Oh, and for the record, Verducci was a walk-on baseball player at Penn State in college and even participated in spring training (as part of a story for Sports Illustrated) with the Blue Jays in 2005. He’s hardly a water boy. But nice try, Price. Next time blame the tweet on Astro.

UPDATE: Price apologized on Sunday.

Dodgers gave gift bag to David Price’s dog, Astro

Dodgers David Price Astro

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price have been trading friendly tweets this summer, so when the Rays came to town for a three-game series in LA over the weekend, the Dodgers were prepared. They sent over a special gift bag for Price’s famous pooch, Astro, and loaded it up with cool treats.

Included in the gift bag were a Dodgers foam finger, sparkling blue hat, shoe, oversized Dodgers ball, Dodgers Hello Kitty bobblehead doll, and other assorted chew toys, which you can see below via Price’s Twitter account:

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David Price giving away 100 free tickets to Rays opener

Those who are planning to purchase tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays season opener against the Baltimore Orioles on April 2 can still do so through the team’s ticket office, but you might want to hold off until tomorrow. David Price has 100 tickets that he is planning to give away to folks who are in the Tampa area on Thursday.

Price made the announcement on Wednesday morning and told his followers that it would be smart to wear their Rays gear around the Tampa area tomorrow. He has retweeted a few people who talked about wanting the tickets, but said that he will decide on a time and place on Thursday.

Athletes giving away tickets on Twitter never gets old, especially with all the stupid stuff we are used to seeing on social media from most of them. Price is not the first nor the second athlete to do something like this, but that doesn’t make the offer any less generous.

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