Dee Gordon called out on controversial stolen base attempt

The Los Angeles Dodgers were hurt by a controversial call from second base umpire Bill Miller during Game 2 of their NLDS series with the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves were up 4-3 on the Dodgers in the top of the ninth inning. After striking out Skip Schumaker to start the inning, Craig Kimbrel walked A.J. Ellis. Manager Don Mattingly pinch ran for Ellis with the speedy Dee Gordon. Kimbrel tried to pick off Gordon, then threw a ball to Ethier. Mattingly decided to send Gordon on the second pitch.

Catcher Gerald Laird made a good throw to second and Gordon was called out to clear the bases and give the Braves two outs. TBS showed the play several times on replay, and it was hard to tell whether Gordon got in there safely, though I think he did.

This is the best angle that seems to show Gordon’s hand touched the base before he was tagged out:

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Dee Gordon makes blooper reel after losing ball on sliding catch (Video)

Dee Gordon’s blooper reel play on Wednesday compounded what was already a bad week for the Dodgers. The 24-year-old shortstop was chasing a foul ball in the 7th inning against the Giants and appeared to make a great sliding catch. Unfortunately, as he was lifting his glove to show the umpire that he made the catch, the ball popped out and went into the stands. A fan caught the ball, but that was no help to Gordon who was upset with himself for losing the ball.

Gordon also went 0-for-4 at the plate with two strikeouts. He wasn’t the only Dodgers to struggle at the plate — the team failed to score a run in their three-game series.

Gordon’s big mistake may have been trying to show the ump the ball. Had he played it cool like this guy, maybe he would have caught a break.

Dee Gordon appears to have beaten throw in Mariners’ no-hitter (Picture)

The Mariners used six pitchers to no-hit the Dodgers in Seattle on Friday for the 10th combined no-hitter in MLB history. Mariners reliever Tom Wilhelm came in to pitch the 9th to save the 1-0 game, and his inning involved a controversy.

Dodgers shortstop and leadoff hitter Dee Gordon was the first batter of the inning, and he was called out on a close play at first. Gordon was jammed and hit a broken-bat flare to shortstop Brendan Ryan who threw onto first. It was a bang-bang play at the bag, the kind where the “tie goes to the runner” rule generally applies, but Gordon was called out.

In the screencap above, it appears as if Gordon’s foot touched the bag just before the ball arrived in first baseman Justin Smoak’s mitt.

While I don’t believe in rules being bent or favors being done so pitchers can achieve milestones like no-hitters and perfect games, I will say that if the Dodgers needed a broken-bat infield flare to get their first hit, they deserved to be embarrassed.

The no-hitter was the third in Mariners’ history, and first time the Dodgers were no-hit since 1994.

Controversial Call: Dee Gordon Called Safe at Home with Jeff Mathis Blocking Plate

The Angels were up 2-1 on the Dodgers entering the bottom of the 9th Sunday and looking for the series sweep. Closer Jordan Walden walked the first two batters then Jamey Carroll sacrifice bunted, putting runners on second and third with nobody out. The next batter was Aaron Miles who hit a fly ball to center, leading to this play at the plate after pinch runner Dee Gordon tagged up:

Gordon beat the throw home, but catcher Jeff Mathis had the plate well blocked. Gordon was called safe even though it appeared Mathis’ glove touched him before he touched the plate. You can’t make a definitive determination based on the image above, but it appears as if Gordon was out. Instead of the Angels remaining up 2-1 with a man on second and one out, the game was tied with nobody out. Tony Gwynn Jr. followed with a single to right that drove in the winning run, giving the Dodgers a walk-off victory.

This seemed to be a case of the umpire making up his mind before the play was completed. Gordon easily beat the throw, but the umpire must have underestimated how much Mathis blocked the plate. A closer look made it seem like Gordon was out. The Dodgers could have won the game, but it shouldn’t have ended as early as it did.

Here’s a video of the play in case you missed it:

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