Divorced couple still celebrates every Tigers Opening Day together (Video)

Tigers-divorced-coupleWhile being a fan of a sports team can often bring out the worst in people, it can also provide a great opportunity for couples to cast their differences aside. And by couples, we mean former couples like Tito and Alexandria who still spend every Detroit Tigers Opening Day together.

At least, that’s the story they told Shannon Hogan of Fox Sports Detroit on Monday.

“(This is) where we first met,” Tito said. “Unfortunately, we’re divorced. But we still come back here every Opening Day…”

“And celebrate Opening Day together,” Alexandria chimed in.

Is it just me or did that have early April Fool’s joke written all over it? The people standing being “Tito” and “Alexandria” were howling, and it seemed like they knew the couple. I can’t imagine they would find it that funny that their friends are sharing their bizarre divorce story on television unless they aren’t actually divorced. Plus, there was this:

Hey, you never know. This is America, after all. And if Tito and Alexandria are divorced and have kept up this annual tradition, more power to them. The world needs more divorcees like them.

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Young fan makes great catch leaning over bullpen on Austin Jackson homer (Video)

If you’re going to bring a glove to the game, you might as well either be under the age of 12 or planning to make a great play. In fact, why not do both? A young Tigers fan had that covered on Tuesday night as he lunged over the bullpen to make a great stab on Austin Jackson’s fourth-inning, game-tying home run against the Twins.

The Twins fan who used his glove to make a nice grab a few weeks ago scored points because he was on his cell phone, but at the end of the day he’s a grown man. The play should have probably been made bare-handed. So far this week it’s kids who are doing it big. We already had this amazing popcorn bucket catch and now this. The young fans are on fire.

Fan Jeff Holko Gets Detroit Tigers Lip Tattoo for Playoff Tickets Contest

We’ve shown several examples of crazy fans over the years here at LBS, and this certainly is up there with any of them. Fan Jeff Holko wanted to win a contest for playoff tickets so badly that he got his lower lip tattooed with the Detroit Tigers logo.

As The Last Angry Fan informs us, Holko is trying to win a contest run by Justin Verlander. The Tigers pitcher sent out a few tweets detailing his rules for the contest. “I’ll be giving away two playoff tickets to one of the ALDS home games,” he wrote. “Let me know why you should get the tickets and I’ll pick the winner. Get creative.”

Well, Holko certaily got creative, didn’t he? You really can’t beat someone getting an inner lip tattoo. The dude says he had to taste blood and ink for a week — that has to be worth something. Definitely the winner in my book, although I’m not sure which is worse: what Holko did, or what this fan did for playoff tickets. They’re both pretty bad.

Thanks to Sports Feeder 1 for the nice find