Clippers reportedly reject Celtics’ trade offer for Doc Rivers

Doc RiversAfter a day of fast-moving trade rumors, it looks like Doc Rivers will not be leaving Boston for the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Los Angeles Times’ Brad Turner reported that Rivers was informed that the Clippers have rejected the Celtics’ trade offer for the head coach. Turner also says that the Clippers are prepared to offer their job to Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins instead.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the proposed deal was Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and two first-round picks to the Celtics for Kevin Garnett and the right to hire Rivers. Garnett reportedly was willing to waive his no-trade clause to join Rivers in LA. Boston reportedly wanted Eric Bledsoe in the trade along with Jordan, and that’s where the holdup occurred.

Both Turner and Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski say Clippers do not want to part with Eric Bledsoe, their backup point guard, who is desired by many teams. Should the Clippers fail to re-sign free agent Chris Paul, they would want Bledsoe to step in as their starter. They also likely would want to keep Bledsoe so they could have him to flip in another trade.

Earlier on Saturday, we passed along a report saying that Rivers, Garnett, and Paul Pierce could end up with the Clippers. The thinking was that if the Clippers got both Rivers and Garnett, Boston would decide not to bring back Pierce, who could then decide to sign with the Clips.

These trades would be complex and should not be counted out, but they appear unlikely to occur at this point. One thing we can prepare for is changes with the rosters for both teams — they each appear ready to make major moves.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Piece, Doc Rivers all reportedly interested in Los Angeles Clippers

Paul-Pierce-Doc-Rivers-Kevin-GarnettThere has been a lot of talk over the last week or so about whether or not Doc Rivers wants to remain with the Boston Celtics. Ray Allen has moved on and Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have very little left in the tank. The championship window has closed, and Rivers is not interested in taking on a full-blown rebuilding project. Now, rumors are swirling that Pierce, Garnett and Rivers could all leave town together.

According to ESPN.com’s Marc Stein, there is a “rising belief” around the NBA that Rivers, Pierce and Garnett would all like to move to the Los Angeles Clippers together if the Celtics aren’t in a position to contend for a title next season. While it was initially assumed that any trade like that would involve Blake Griffin, Stein said it would be possible for the Clippers to land all three without giving up Griffin. They would have to send cash and draft considerations for Rivers.

Rivers has established an extremely close relationship with Pierce over the last decade and Garnett since the Big Three first came together in 2007. Both players have hinted in the past that they would never play for anyone but Doc, and a scenario like the one Stein laid out could keep them all together while still giving them a shot at another ring.

Of course, money would be an issue for both teams. Pierce’s $15 million contract with the Celtics for next year is not fully guaranteed, but Boston would have to pay him $5 million if they released him. There has been a lot of talk about Garnett retiring, but I’m sure he could be persuaded to play alongside Pierce, Griffin and Chris Paul while keeping his favorite coach. Some restructuring of deals would have to take place and the Clippers would have to compensate the Celtics quite handsomely, but it’s not totally out of the question.

Doc Rivers reportedly has interest in coaching Clippers

Doc RiversDoc Rivers has three years and $21 million left on his contract with the Boston Celtics, but there is growing speculation that he will not return to Beantown next season. Now the latest reports say that there is mutual interest between Rivers and the Los Angeles Clippers, who have a vacancy after parting ways with Vinny Del Negro.

The Los Angeles Times’ Broderick Turner reported on Wednesday that Rivers would be at the top of the Clippers’ list if he decides he does not want to return to Boston. On Thursday, ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne reported that Rivers is “highly intrigued by the idea of coaching the Clippers.” They say there is strong mutual interest between both sides.

Multiple reports have indicated that Rivers may want to leave Boston after coaching the Celtics for the past nine seasons. The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn reported this week that speculation has grown that Rivers may step down as head coach. What are some of the reasons? CSN New England says Rivers may not want to stick around for a full-on rebuild considering Boston’s stars are aging.

Though there may be strong interest between the Clippers and Rivers, working out a deal for him to coach the team will not be easy.

First off, Rivers is scheduled to earn $7 million per season. The Clippers have a notoriously cheap owner who likely will not want to pay that amount. Secondly, since Rivers is still under contract with the Celtics, the Clippers might have to offer Boston some sort of compensation to persuade them to release the coach from his contract. A deal could be arranged, but I just don’t think it will be easy to figure out.

Brian Shaw, Byron Scott, and Lionel Hollins are other candidates for the job. If I’m the Clippers, Hollins would be the guy I’d want to hire.

Doc Rivers: Celtics are a soft team right now

Unless the Boston Celtics’ only goals heading into their game against the Brooklyn Nets were to get into a fight, have a star player get ejected and leave some nasty scratches on Kris Humphries, Wednesday night wound up being a night to forget for the guys in green. Doc Rivers was understandably unhappy after the 95-83 loss, and he certainly wasn’t impressed with his players for mixing it up with the opposition.

“I don’t think anybody should get thrown out of a game,” Rivers said when asked about Rajon Rondo’s first-half ejection, via WEEI.com. “We all have to keep our emotions. Hell, we didn’t come to play, as a team. That was awful, basketball-wise. If I’m Brooklyn and (other teams) in the league, you have to think we’re pretty soft, the way we’re playing. We’re a soft team right now. We have no toughness. That stuff is not toughness, all that stuff is not toughness.”

Jason Terry ripped Humphries after the game and called him a fake tough guy, but it sounds like Doc thinks his team should take a look in the mirror if they want to see a lack of toughness. In fact, Rivers said he believes that some of the newer Celtics players feel a sense of entitlement just because they wear a Boston uniform.

“You know, Kevin (Garnett), Paul (Pierce) and Rondo and a couple other guys – it’s almost like they understand the jersey they’re wearing and the pride,” Rivers explained. “And everyone else – and not everyone – it’s almost like they think because they put the jersey on that they are something. You’ve got to earn it here.

Fortunately for the Celtics, Wednesday night was only game 15 of a very long season. That being said, it will take more than just a Celtics championship tattoo for newcomers like Terry to prove they are what Boston needs to capture banner number 18. And Rondo? In hindsight, the swing he threw at Humphries was probably a bad idea.


Glen Davis: Doc Rivers is military-minded, Jacque Vaughn is more like Ghandi

Glen Davis is off to a hot start in his second full season with the Orlando Magic. The power forward is averaging nearly 15 points and 9 rebounds per game, and new Orlando head coach Jacque Vaughn has even named him a co-captain along with point guard Jameer Nelson. Davis never really seemed to fulfill his potential with the Boston Celtics, and he recently spoke about the difference in coaching styles between Vaughn and Doc Rivers.

“Different guys,” Big Baby told the Boston Herald before the Magic took on the Celtics. “Doc is more of a military-minded kind of guy, and Jacque is more of a Gandhi kind of guy. Soft but powerful.

“Doc’s more get the job done, and Jacque Vaughn is more the kind of guy who will ask you, Would you feel comfortable getting the job done? I think that’s different with players. But in my system, I think I just feel better functioning in Jacque’s system. Doc wasn’t the kind of guy to pat you on your back and say, good job, man. He’s more like, OK, move on. In a way that’s positive, but some players are different. Jacque’s a different kind of guy. He pats you on your back – good job. That’s his motivation. But at the same time he still holds you accountable if you’re doing things wrong.”

We certainly know Big Baby is sensitive, as evidenced by the time he cried when Kevin Garnett yelled at him or flipped on a fan who called him a name. Many players would tell you that Rivers is as much of a players’ coach as you will find, but some guys just don’t mesh well with their leaders. Davis praised Doc for getting his career off to a solid start, but based on the production it would seem that Davis, Rivers and the Celtics’ veterans just weren’t the best combination.

Doc Rivers: Lakers embarrassed Phil Jackson, he was owed more than that

The Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching change situation that took place a little over a week ago was about as bizarre as it gets. The fact that it occurred just a handful of games into the regular season made it even stranger. As you know, the Lakers eventually settled on Mike D’Antoni as their next head coach after firing Mike Brown. Whether D’Antoni was the right choice or not, Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers feels that the Lakers disrespected Phil Jackson.

“I didn’t like the way it was done,” Rivers told Chris Russo of SiriusXM Radio’s Mad Dog Radio, via the L.A. Times.  “I don’t think you embarrass anybody.

“Whether you like Phil or not, he’s won a lot of titles and I think he was owed more than that treatment, in my opinion, especially (from) that franchise.”

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak recently said the decision to go with D’Antoni over Jackson was strictly a “basketball decision.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but like a lot of others Rivers feels that the Lakers were wrong to essentially offer the job to Jackson and then rescind their offer when he accepted.

As Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk mentioned, Kupchak basically confirmed that the Lakers never expected Jackson to accept the offer since he made it quite clear he was done coaching basketball. They had to make the offer to appease Lakers fans, but the situation got sticky when Jackson agreed to come out of retirement and owner Jim Buss was already set on D’Antoni being his guy. Even D’Antoni admitted he was stunned he got the job, which is all part of the embarrassment for Jackson that Rivers is referring to.

Doc Rivers indicates Ray Allen wasn’t a good team player last season

The NBA season begins on Tuesday with an exciting matchup between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Not only is the game a rematch of last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, but it also marks the first game for Heat guard Ray Allen against his former team.

Allen chose to sign with the Heat in free agency and was called a traitor for choosing to play for Boston’s rival. Allen’s first game with the Heat — and first against Boston — will be a huge story line Tuesday. Naturally, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked about Allen leaving Boston during a recent interview. Rivers was completely respectful towards Allen, but he did point out that Ray did not have a good team attitude last season after being replaced by Avery Bradley in the starting lineup.

“You worry about a guy’s feelings, but you worry more about the team. If anything, Ray probably didn’t like that,” Rivers told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Mazz on Friday. “I’ll always look at myself first with Ray; he wanted to ball more and things like that. I tell my guys every year, if you’re here for me to run stuff for you to look good, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re here for me to run stuff to make the team look good, you’re in the right place.”

Rivers also said he knew Allen wasn’t going to re-sign with Boston when the shooting guard stopped returning his and GM Danny Ainge’s phone calls.

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