Twitter dummy hilariously mistakes LeBron James for Derrick Rose

LeBron James Twitter mistake

Look, we realize that not everyone follows sports the way we all do, but come on, who doesn’t know LeBron James at this point? I mean the guy is on TV all the time playing basketball or appearing in commercials, he’s on magazine covers, he’s omnipresent these days. Derrick Rose, meanwhile, has been injured and out of the spotlight the past few years.

Yet somehow this clown posts a photo on Twitter acting all jealous about his sister and her friends running into Derrick Rose, when in fact the player they saw was LeBron.

How jealous can you really be if you don’t even know the guys? Pathetic.

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Dwight Howard booed during Magic tribute video, of course

Dwight HowardDwight Howard returned to Orlando for the first time since joining the Houston Rockets, and he was predictably booed heavily by the fans.

Not only was he booed during pre-game introductions, but the fans even showed the disrespect of booing his tribute video!

Who can really blame them, though? Howard held the fans and team hostage for like two years where he couldn’t make up his mind about his future. I’m sure the fans appreciate what he did for the team, but it still hurts that he wanted out.

Here’s video of him being booed in intros:

This sort of treatment is nothing new for Dwight; he was also booed in his return to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

Phoenix Suns’ Twitter account not impressed with Dwight Howard dunk

The Houston Rockets went into US Airways Center Sunday night and left with a 115-112 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Dwight Howard led the way for Houston with 25 points, nine rebounds, and two blocked shots.

Midway through the second quarter, Howard rolled to the basket after setting a pick for Patrick Beverley and finished an alley-oop with his left hand. The Rockets’ Twitter account thought the play was one for the ages. The Suns, however, weren’t too impressed.

The win improved Houston’s record to 38-18 on the season — good for third in the Western Conference. Barring an epic collapse, it would appear the Rockets are well on their way to securing a playoff spot and potentially home court advantage in the first round.

Looks like there is a good chance we could see more of this from Dwight in the postseason.


Dwight Howard joins ‘Howard sucks’ chants (Video)

Dwight-HowardDwight Howard made his first trip back to Los Angeles as a member of the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, and the big man more than got his money’s worth. Howard was on from the start of the game when he took Chris Kaman to school and got a technical foul for taunting. He was in such a great mood later on that he joined Lakers fans who were chanting “Howard sucks!”

With the Rockets leading 73-51 midway through the third quarter, Howard could clearly be seen chanting “Howard sucks” after the fans had stopped their chant. He also did it again later in the game from the bench and got his teammates to join in on it.

And it even carried over to the plane ride home.

Howard finished the game with 20 points and 13 rebounds. The Rockets demolished LA by a final score of 134-108. Advantage: Dwight.

Dwight Howard booed by Lakers fans, gets technical for taunting (Video)

You think Dwight Howard was fired up to face his former team? He made that pretty clear early on.

The Houston Rockets went right to their big man early in their game with the lowly Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, and Dwight took Chris Kaman to school. For the first points of the game, he made a lefty hook shot. And then for the Rockets’ second basket, he executed a beautiful spin move and dunk on the Lakers center. He also barked out something to earn a technical foul.

Dwight didn’t seem to mind getting T’d up. He was so fired up he had a huge smile on his face and great tough guy body language.

Dwight Howard Rockets

Video via GIFD Sports

Dwight Howard responds to girl who mistakenly thinks she took picture with him

One poor girl recently had an embarrassing celebrity moment to end all embarrassing celebrity moments.

A girl posted a photo Saturday to her Twitter and Instagram accounts boasting about meeting Dwight Howard. Not only did she boast about meeting Dwight, but she said he was nice, cool, humble, and funny! The guy seems like a total charmer!

Unfortunately for the young girl, the man with whom she took the photo was NOT Dwight Howard. In fact, the guy in the picture looks nothing like Dwight Howard.

Well in case the young girls hadn’t figured out their mistake, the actual Dwight Howard commented on the girl’s Instagram post to break it to her gently:

Dwight Howard response Instagram

Yup, while that girl thought she was meeting Dwight Howard, the real Dwight Howard was busy playing the Lakers.

And what’s up with that dude pretending like he was Dwight? I suppose if you’re going to do that, at least portray him well the way this impostor did.

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Dwight Howard plans to play for USA Basketball

Dwight Howard RocketsDwight Howard is returning to USA Basketball this summer after a six year absence, Yahoo! Sports reports.

Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski says Howard will be part of the pool of available players for the World Cup of Basketball in Spain this summer. Joining USA Basketball now could put Howard in line to be a part of the Olympic team for the 2016 Games in Brazil.

Howard was a part of Team USA for the Summer Games in 2008 at Beijing and helped the country win a gold medal. Woj believes that playing for Team USA and helping the country win a gold medal could help Howard’s image, which has taken major hits over his waffling the past few years. We completely agree. Howard is the best center in the league and should provide a boost for the country in international competition.