Dwight Howard has license suspended, ran 10 red lights

Dwight-Howard-LakersIt’s pretty safe to say that Dwight Howard does not feel the rules apply to him … or at least the rules of the road.

The Houston Rockets center had his driver’s license suspended in the state of Florida on Aug. 15 for a number of infractions.

According to court records, Howard was ticketed for running 9 red lights in 2012. He ran another one in July this year, making it an even 10 in three years.

Additionally, Reuters says he has four speeding tickets, 12 citations for failing to pay highway tolls and one for failing to change his address on his license on his Orlando record. Incredibly, Howard just needs to pay a $285 fine for running a red light in Florida to resolve everything.

Prior to signing with the Rockets last year, Howard spent 2004-2012 with the Orlando Magic, where he became a menace on the road (or just a dude who runs red lights). He’s probably not in Florida enough to be seriously concerned about resolving the matter. But this means he’s more similar to Andrew Bynum than we originally thought.

This song goes out to Dwight, from LBS, keep on with those red lights …

Dwight Howard does Dream Shake with Hakeem courtside (Video)

Dwight Howard Dream ShakeAll those people who say Dwight Howard doesn’t have any offensive moves don’t watch him very closely. He’s not as skilled as Hakeem Olajuwon or powerful as Shaq, but he has moves. He’s worked very hard to round out his offensive game and it’s showed.

Take for instance the first basket of Game 5 between the Rockets and Blazers on Wednesday. Dwight took the ball, went hard to the basket on Robin Lopez, and then ball-faked like Hakeem and moved right back up and under for the easy lay in. It was pretty, and it was done with The Dream sitting courtside watching the team.

Dwight went 9-of-15 for 22 points, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks in Houston’s 108-98 win. He’s played very well this series, he just happened to get a tough draw with Portland.

Video via GIFD Sports

Dwight Howard: I have to demand the ball

Dwight Howard RocketsDwight Howard was singing an alpha dog tune on Monday, a day after the Houston Rockets lost Game 1 of their first-round playoff series with the Portland Trail Blazers 122-120 in overtime.

Howard scored 27 points on 9-of-21 shooting, but he was not satisfied with the performance and has some different strategic plans in mind for Game 2.

“We have to play inside out, play their bigs and make it a long night for those guys,” Howard said via the Houston Chronicle. “I have to demand the ball, get it and go to work.”

Not only does Howard think the team could benefit by playing inside-out and feeding him the ball inside, but he thinks that could force Portland to expend more energy trying to defend him. He thinks that could help slow down LaMarcus Aldridge, who scored a franchise-record 46 points while grabbing 18 rebounds.

“We have to go right back at him,” Howard said. “You have to make him play defense and make him use his energy on defense. Make him have to run around and guard.”

Game 2 is on Wednesday night. We imagine Howard will get his usual amount of touches, but this time Houston will come out victorious.

Dwight Howard, Robin Lopez both get technicals for Howard being a baby (GIFs)


If Game 1 was any indication, the opening round playoff series between the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers could be one of the best of the postseason. The Blazers came away with a 122-120 overtime victory on Sunday in a game that got very chippy at times, especially between Dwight Howard and Robin Lopez.

Lopez and Howard battled in the low post throughout most of the night. Howard finished with 15 rebounds and 27 points while Lopez had eight boards and scored six. Late in the second quarter, Howard was called for a loose ball foul while the two were fighting for a rebound. He was then given a technical foul after he appeared to intentionally drop the ball on Lopez.

It didn’t end there. The Rockets were very fortunate Howard was not given his second technical and ejected from the game in the fourth quarter when he blatantly elbowed Lopez in the midsection after a whistle.

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Twitter dummy hilariously mistakes LeBron James for Derrick Rose

LeBron James Twitter mistake

Look, we realize that not everyone follows sports the way we all do, but come on, who doesn’t know LeBron James at this point? I mean the guy is on TV all the time playing basketball or appearing in commercials, he’s on magazine covers, he’s omnipresent these days. Derrick Rose, meanwhile, has been injured and out of the spotlight the past few years.

Yet somehow this clown posts a photo on Twitter acting all jealous about his sister and her friends running into Derrick Rose, when in fact the player they saw was LeBron.

How jealous can you really be if you don’t even know the guys? Pathetic.

Also see: Dwight Howard responds to girl who mistakenly thinks she took picture with him

H/T Bleacher Report

Dwight Howard booed during Magic tribute video, of course

Dwight HowardDwight Howard returned to Orlando for the first time since joining the Houston Rockets, and he was predictably booed heavily by the fans.

Not only was he booed during pre-game introductions, but the fans even showed the disrespect of booing his tribute video!

Who can really blame them, though? Howard held the fans and team hostage for like two years where he couldn’t make up his mind about his future. I’m sure the fans appreciate what he did for the team, but it still hurts that he wanted out.

Here’s video of him being booed in intros:

This sort of treatment is nothing new for Dwight; he was also booed in his return to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

Phoenix Suns’ Twitter account not impressed with Dwight Howard dunk

The Houston Rockets went into US Airways Center Sunday night and left with a 115-112 victory over the Phoenix Suns. Dwight Howard led the way for Houston with 25 points, nine rebounds, and two blocked shots.

Midway through the second quarter, Howard rolled to the basket after setting a pick for Patrick Beverley and finished an alley-oop with his left hand. The Rockets’ Twitter account thought the play was one for the ages. The Suns, however, weren’t too impressed.

The win improved Houston’s record to 38-18 on the season — good for third in the Western Conference. Barring an epic collapse, it would appear the Rockets are well on their way to securing a playoff spot and potentially home court advantage in the first round.

Looks like there is a good chance we could see more of this from Dwight in the postseason.