Dwight Howard joins ‘Howard sucks’ chants (Video)

Dwight-HowardDwight Howard made his first trip back to Los Angeles as a member of the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night, and the big man more than got his money’s worth. Howard was on from the start of the game when he took Chris Kaman to school and got a technical foul for taunting. He was in such a great mood later on that he joined Lakers fans who were chanting “Howard sucks!”

With the Rockets leading 73-51 midway through the third quarter, Howard could clearly be seen chanting “Howard sucks” after the fans had stopped their chant. He also did it again later in the game from the bench and got his teammates to join in on it.

And it even carried over to the plane ride home.

Howard finished the game with 20 points and 13 rebounds. The Rockets demolished LA by a final score of 134-108. Advantage: Dwight.

Dwight Howard booed by Lakers fans, gets technical for taunting (Video)

You think Dwight Howard was fired up to face his former team? He made that pretty clear early on.

The Houston Rockets went right to their big man early in their game with the lowly Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, and Dwight took Chris Kaman to school. For the first points of the game, he made a lefty hook shot. And then for the Rockets’ second basket, he executed a beautiful spin move and dunk on the Lakers center. He also barked out something to earn a technical foul.

Dwight didn’t seem to mind getting T’d up. He was so fired up he had a huge smile on his face and great tough guy body language.

Dwight Howard Rockets

Video via GIFD Sports

Dwight Howard responds to girl who mistakenly thinks she took picture with him

One poor girl recently had an embarrassing celebrity moment to end all embarrassing celebrity moments.

A girl posted a photo Saturday to her Twitter and Instagram accounts boasting about meeting Dwight Howard. Not only did she boast about meeting Dwight, but she said he was nice, cool, humble, and funny! The guy seems like a total charmer!

Unfortunately for the young girl, the man with whom she took the photo was NOT Dwight Howard. In fact, the guy in the picture looks nothing like Dwight Howard.

Well in case the young girls hadn’t figured out their mistake, the actual Dwight Howard commented on the girl’s Instagram post to break it to her gently:

Dwight Howard response Instagram

Yup, while that girl thought she was meeting Dwight Howard, the real Dwight Howard was busy playing the Lakers.

And what’s up with that dude pretending like he was Dwight? I suppose if you’re going to do that, at least portray him well the way this impostor did.

H/T Beyond the Buzzer

Dwight Howard plans to play for USA Basketball

Dwight Howard RocketsDwight Howard is returning to USA Basketball this summer after a six year absence, Yahoo! Sports reports.

Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski says Howard will be part of the pool of available players for the World Cup of Basketball in Spain this summer. Joining USA Basketball now could put Howard in line to be a part of the Olympic team for the 2016 Games in Brazil.

Howard was a part of Team USA for the Summer Games in 2008 at Beijing and helped the country win a gold medal. Woj believes that playing for Team USA and helping the country win a gold medal could help Howard’s image, which has taken major hits over his waffling the past few years. We completely agree. Howard is the best center in the league and should provide a boost for the country in international competition.

Dwight Howard makes 3-pointer and his teammates loved it (Video)

Dwight Howard actually attempted a 3-pointer on Friday night and made it, and his Houston Rockets teammates celebrated accordingly.

Howard’s 3-pointer — which was just the third of his career — came with the shot clock about to expire in the second quarter of the Rockets-Golden State Warriors game. No Warriors actually bothered to guard Howard since he’s not an outside shooter, and the big man burned them!

Dwight is now 3-for-42 (7 percent) on threes in his career. His teammates knew it was a rare feat and loved it:


Video via Beyond the Buzzer

Houston Rockets did a Mortal Kombat skit pregame (Video)

Dwight Howard Mortal KombatThink Dwight Howard isn’t enjoying his new team in Houston? The Rockets center did a “Mortal Kombat” skit during introductions prior to the Rockets’ game against the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night. Howard mimicked the moves of “Scorpion” from the video game, throwing his rope at Aaron Brooks and reeling in the guard. Howard then delivered the “finish him” uppercut to perfection.

The skit was funny, but I’m not going to say it’s an excuse to fall in love with Howard again. However, it is a great sign that Howard really went to an environment where he could be a leader, be himself, and really have fun. Could you see him doing anything like that when he was with the Los Angeles Lakers? No way.

Dwight Howard really is money from the free throw line in warmups (Video)

Dwight-Howard-RocketdsHouston Rockets center Dwight Howard is shooting just 54% from the free throw line this year, which is lower than his career mark of 58%. When discussing his free throw woes, Howard has always insisted that the problems are strictly between his ears. In fact, various reports have indicated that Howard will hit as many as 90% of his free throws during a typical practice day.

Now, we have proof that he’s not lying. For those of you who are counting at home, the video above that The Starters passed along shows Howard draining 18 of 20 free throw attempts in warmups before a recent home game. He even hit 10-straight at one point.

With Shaquille O’Neal, it was obvious his problems at the charity stripe were a mechanical issue. The way Shaq leaned over the free throw line and snapped the ball at the rim was always uncomfortable to watch. With Howard, it’s all mental. If he could simply stop worrying so much, it would make him that much more dangerous.

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