Report: Three Marines stabbed while trying to defuse fight between Angels, Dodgers fans

Angel-StadiumMonday marked the three-year anniversary of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow being beaten nearly to death at Dodgers Stadium on Opening Day 2011. Fan violence is unfortunately still very much a thing of the present, as three Marines were reportedly stabbed while trying to break up a street fight between Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers fans in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Sunday.

Police told the LA Times that the incident began when a woman wearing an Angels jersey got into an argument with two people who were wearing Dodgers gear. Three Marines who were passing by tried to come to the aid of the woman and were attacked and stabbed.

As police tried to break up the fight, one of the Marines was allegedly stabbed in the face with a broken beer bottle. Two people, 23-year-old Manuel Alexis Alvarez and 20-year-old Victoria Robledo, were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Four others were arrested and released after questioning.

When will this stuff stop? There’s nothing more idiotic than someone getting seriously injured over an argument that started because of fan loyalties.

Fight breaks out at Home Run Derby behind ESPN set (Video)

Home-Run-Derby-fightThe Home Run Derby is usually a pretty laid-back event. You’re more likely to see someone reading a book in the stands than you are to see fans getting rowdy, but there was actually a rumble caught on camera at Citi Field on Monday night.

This particular fan fight was not only unusual in that it took place at the Home Run Derby. It also happened to break out right behind ESPN’s broadcasting set, which almost made it look staged.

I guess we can blame boredom? These fans were sitting behind the dugout, which means they weren’t getting much action. Unless you’re lucky enough to get a seat in the outfield during the Home Run Derby, you’re probably not going home with a souvenir. Might as well find other ways to make the night memorable.

For more fan fight videos, click here.

Video via Deadspin

Rather Large Fan Fight Breaks Out During Bruins-Canadiens Game (Video)

Not scoring a goal all night can be frustrating. When you pay money to go watch a hockey game, the least you expect is for your team to put the puck in the net. When that doesn’t happen against your biggest rival, it’s easy to become frustrated. Perhaps Montreal’s 1-0 loss to the Bruins on Monday night would help explain why a pretty big fan fight broke out in the middle of the game. The intriguing part about it is it almost looks like no Boston fans are involved based on attire, although 25Stanley.com said it was a Bruins-Habs thing. Check out this Canadiens fans fight video:

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Two Fans in Joe Montana Jerseys Fight at Raiders-Niners Game (Video)

We rarely post fan fight videos here on LBS, but this one was too entertaining to pass up.  When you schedule a weekend preseason game between intrastate rival (kind of) football franchises, something is bound to go wrong.  When two frustrated fan bases come together for a meaningless game, tempers flare.  Even if it means Joe Montana fighting Joe Montana, there’s going to be a scrap.  Check out this Niners-Raiders fan fight video that our friends at Busted Coverage passed along:

These fights usually end with a quick knockout punch, but there was a point in this video where I thought these guys might never stop throwing fists.  I guess anything worth doing is worth doing right.

LA Fans Soft? Three Arrested After UCLA-USC Parking Lot Fight

If you don’t take the UCLA-USC rivalry seriously then you really have no idea what it’s all about. While some fans can be civil towards each other, others express nothing but animosity. Having a bunch of dudes drinking all day probably doesn’t help matters either, especially when it comes to dueling tailgates.

Three men were arrested for their role in a big ass brawl that took place in the tailgating area outside the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Saturday night. The brawl apparently involved 50-75 people and was incited by an errant throw in a football game. Some of the people involved say it was more an issue of drunks looking to fight rather than a USC-UCLA thing.

The dude who busted out a knife — Arturo Cisneros — was being held on attempted murder charges, while Joshua Elder and Steven Radu were suspected of assaulting police officers. While it’s instinctual for many people to defend themselves, their group, and their manhood, keep in mind you never know who might be carrying a knife, or worse yet, a gun. Some guy is being looked at for attempted murder, but another has a knife tip stuck in his cheekbone. Not exactly something with which I’d like to deal.